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Why Target? Why?

I am a huge fan of Target. My wife made me a huge fan of Target. I’m so much of a fan, that I changed my RX there. Well, that was to give my wife and I an excuse to go to Target twice a month to pick up our prescriptions. But now, they did me wrong. I’ve had plenty of bad encounters with CVS / Caremark pharmacies in the past.

This really upsets me that Target sold the business to them. Target also provided 5% discount on an entire days worth of shopping for filling 5 prescriptions, so between my wife and I we fill 5 a month. So that meant that once a month we would do our large grocery shopping at Target and take an additional 5% off. Sure, that’s only $5, but every penny counts.

Looks like I will be switching to Walgreens or Publix pharmacy now.

Anybody know if Walgreens has a rewards program for switching prescriptions to them?

Here is a link to the New York Times article about the purchase of Target’s Pharmacy by CVS –¬†

2 thoughts to “Why Target? Why?”

  1. I don’t know if they have a program for switching, but I’ve used Walgreens forever because it’s more convenient than Target for me. They have a Balance Rewards program where you get points for every dollar you spend there, and with as often as I’m there for my meds and small grocery items, I find I actually get value from it. Every so often I’ll get to redeem $5 or $10 off my total at checkout.

  2. Like Jason said, there is a rewards program that gives points per dollar, and they give bonus points for prescriptions. 100 points for a 30 day script. Combine that with bonus rewards, coupons, etc. and you can get just about everything you need at Walgreens. I love them for printing photos and making photo books, their deals can’t be beat.

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