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Why I Decided to Start a VLOG

2016 was the year of the podcast. For others, it was the year of the VLOG. For me, it was the realization that blogging just doesn’t do it for me like it once did. Now, I enjoy writing, and I will continue to write. My goal is to create one piece of content every day of 2017. This includes all of my channels and blogs, not just The Life of a Diabetic.

I began to come to this realization when I saw Casey Neistat make the decision to end his VLOG. It just wasn’t challenging him enough and it wasn’t doing for him what it once it did. That is exactly how I feel about my blogging.

Blogging become more of a task than it was a hobby or pleasure. I started to say, “ugh, I need to write something.”

I have not lost my passion to share my voice and advocate and share my experiences in hopes that it will help others. It’s just that I lost the passion to blog consistently.

When I first started blogging, it made me uncomfortable. I was afraid people weren’t going to like the way that I wrote or that they would rip apart my grammar. But then as time went on, I became more and more comfortable writing. To the point that I decided that it was time to start getting paid to write.

Now video on the other hand…… that makes me uncomfortable. Extremely uncomfortable. I am not comfortable with my weight (even before the 10 pounds the camera adds). I just don’t feel comfortable on camera.

Well, that is exactly why I’m going on camera. Because I’m uncomfortable with it and afraid of it.

And the feeling of uncomfort is exactly what I need to feel in order to start something new.

This VLOG is not going to be high quality, great lighting, and Hollywood levels of editing. It is raw (with a few edits). Just like my writing style has always been. There may be bad lighting, bad audio, but it will improve over time.

This VLOG will not just be about diabetes, however, when it is, I will share on the site and my other diabetes related channels.

This VLOG will also include discussions of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, finance, and more. It will not be a daily VLOG of my life.

All videos will be posted to YouTube, so please go subscribe now –

And here is a little teaser video:

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