Where Would You Be Without Diabetes Education?

So where would you be without diabetes education?  I can tell you where I’d be, and it wouldn’t be here, that’s for sure.  I am willing to bet that majority of you would say the same thing.  To me, diabetes education is the most important part of diabetes in general.  You can’t accept it if you don’t understand it.  You can’t manage it if you don’t know about it.  But there is always something more to learn about diabetes.  As soon as you think you know all there is, something else pops up.

I recently did a post on the old blog starting to get into this subject of diabetes education and that all the programs that are closing down.  Just locally here in south Florida where I live in the last year I have personally seen the JFK Medical Center diabetes center go down, along with the North Broward Hospital diabetes program go down.

I use Google Alerts for the keyword “diabetes education program” and it seems that almost everyday I receive another alert with a local newspaper writing about another program closing down.  I will admit that there are also some that talk about new ones starting up, which is amazing.  But when you read into it, the program is opening with minimal funds and sharing an office with the whole hopsital education system.  Now as someone with diabetes, I know how important it is for diabetes education programs.  I understand that this will lower my chances of any complications that may come in the future.

Now why do hospitals not think this way?  Oh I know, because this doesn’t allow their wallets to get fat.  It is very clear, there is no money in diabetes education, none!  The re-imbursment rates are minimal.  I see all the time in these articles that a reason the hospital will close the center down is because the amount of people coming to certain diabetes education classes or programs are decreasing.  The reasons they may be decreasing are because less people have health insurance, can’t afford to go to the classes, gas prices are getting better now, but during the gas spike of recent times people just couldn’t afford to drive to their local hospital to get the education they need.

So how do we solve this issue?  How do we get the education that we all need to the people that need it most.  One way I am personally trying to resolve this is to raise funds for diabetes education.  Raising funds in these times is a difficult thing to do.  There is a million charities out there and everybody thinks that theirs is the best and their cause is better.  Especially when you have a discussion about the ADA and JDRF, (tomorrow’s post).  Anyway, time to get back on subject.

Please let me know of any projects that you may be working on or that you have heard of or any local events.  I would love to help out and be as active as possible in fighting for the education that we need.  I continue to fight and do what I can to help find a cure, but until that day comes the best I can do is to help people get the same education that I received and still receive today that has helped me stay healthy.

I want everybody to be able to enjoy their lives and share their own stories of living a life of a diabetic.

Have a great night ya’ll