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The Life of a Diabetic Weekend Recap Vol 3

Another Monday brings another weekend recap of a normal diabetic life.  This weekend I told myself that I was not going to do any work at all.  I had been working way too much, too late at night, too early in the morning and too much throughout the day.  I have been sick for about a month, so I wanted to get some rest.  Well, I didn’t do much work, but the rest didn’t come as easily as I had wanted.

Friday night, Amanda and I went to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino down in Hollywood, FL. Not a bad outcome, we came home with about $150, which is not usual for me when I go to the casino, I typically lose what I bring.  It took forever to find a parking spot, and then all night to eat dinner before we finally got to the casino.  There was an MMA fight there that night that we did not know about.  Before dinner my blood sugar was about 150, so I was happy with that.  We ate at Tequila Ranch which is one of the greatest Mexican food joints I’ve ever been to.  By the time we got home from the casino, my blood sugar was approaching 350, and I didn’t know how because it was fine at the casino.  Took a correction bolus and went to bed.  I had a very early morning on Saturday.

Saturday was an all day country concert, and when I say all day, I literally mean all day.  We got there at 9:45 a.m. and the last song didn’t end until about 11:30 p.m.  There was a full lineup of singers, but the number one singer was Billy Currington, and the number one song I wanted to hear all day long was “Good Directions”, well that ended up being the song that ended at 11:30 p.m. the very last song of the concert.  I had a lot of fun that day.  It was called the Rib Round Up, so they were selling ribs, $1 per rib, from a bunch of different vendors.  Amanda thought it would be funny for me to wear my “I <3 BBQ” shirt on a day of a rib eating contest, and people loved it.  I think I will be in more Facebook photos today than I ever have been in my life, and I don’t even know the people.  I will have more pictures posted tomorrow.  Join my Facebook page and you can see all of them (caution, this was a country concert so there is alcohol obviously involved!)

My blood sugars went a little out of control at one point.  I tested my sugar and it was at 450!  I had no idea how that happened because 2-3 hours before it was like 175 and all I had been some ribs.  I was drinking diet coke with the whiskey, so I know that wasn’t the issue.  I corrected and took a little nap and when I woke up my blood sugar was back down to about 215, so I was good to go.

On Sunday, I finally did what I wanted to do, absolutely nothing.  I slept till about noon, then woke up to watch the race, which I was falling in and out of sleep while watching.  I then watched about 4 movies the rest of the day.  I laid around all day long and it was amazing.  That was the first time that I did that in months, maybe even years.  Usually I feel guilty or disgusted with myself for not getting anything done, but yesterday I didn’t, it was amazing!

But, it is back to work today and going to be a long night tonight.

Take care everybody!