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The Last Day of Diabetes Awareness Month

It has been a great month. Just like the last 8 months (since my daughter has been born), this month have flew by. There’s been a lot of advocating, a lot of new connections, a few arguments and bickering here and there (which is going to happen), and even a family member being diagnosed.

I learned a lot this month from my peers and from all of the Twitter chats and daily Facebook posts from others. I try to not only spend my time advocating, but also trying to learn new ways of advocating and learn more about this disease.

Now that the month is over, does that mean I’m done advocating? Absolutely not. This month just had a lot of media and press around it, so it was important to take advantage of that additional coverage.

I would call this year’s Diabetes Awareness Month a success.

Don’t stop now. Keep going. Keep advocating. Keep writing. Keep tweeting. Keep posting. Keep doing whatever you did.

What was one thing that you learned this month?