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Testing Out Other Insulin Pumps

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes back in April of 2004, I was on MDI using a Humalog insulin pen and syringes to take Lantus at night.  I was doing fine with this, and was actually eating healthy at that time and staying at a good weight, but I decided that I wanted to try out an insulin pump, it just sounded so much easier.  I am glad that I made that decision 5 years ago.  There are definitely things that I don’t like, especially the fact that I now eat anything I want, whenever I want because it is just a few pushes of buttons on the pump.  At the time, I wasn’t really given much of an option on a pump.  Also, at that time I didn’t know anything about diabetes.  I knew I had it and that was about it.  I had it less than a year before I went on the pump, I wasn’t blogging, and I wasn’t looking on the internet for information.  I was given a Medtronic 712 I believe they were called at that time, I can be mistaken.

I loved the pump.  I loved the way it worked and how it helped me manage my blood sugar levels a lot better.  Then I got into finding blogs online and just reading them and learning that there were other diabetes companies that existed other than Medtronic and One Touch.  I spent some time working for a diabetes supply company, so I had access to a lot of different products from different manufacturers and found out the benefits of all these different pumps.  I also learned more as I blogged longer and met more people using different kinds of pumps.  So, this finally leads me to the reason of today’s post.

I have been happy with Medtronic, but I’m not 100% loyal to Medtronic.  I would like to try other pumps.  I would love to try or test out the One Touch Ping and Omni Pod.  I have been given the trial pod for Omni Pod and I have worn it and I loved it.  The only issue is that I would be changing out the pod every 1.5 days based upon the amount of insulin that I use.  If I lose weight then the possibility of my insulin usage can go down and then I can use an Omni Pod.

Along with insulin pumps, I would love to try out the Dexcom CGM, but I just haven’t had a chance to do so.  I have used the Medtronic CGM in the past, but haven’t used it in nearly a year because I haven’t had any sensors and some issues with the insurance company.  Starting next year I will begin using a CGM again.  Whether it is Medtronic or Dexcom, it is one of my top goals for 2012.

For those that have used multiple pumps, not those that have only used one and will tell me how much you love it, but only those that have used different pumps, which have you liked better and why?

I appreciate any responses or feedback in advance.

One thought to “Testing Out Other Insulin Pumps”

  1. Good luck on pump experimenting, Chris. I’ve been in the same position as you for the most part – started on MM back in 2001 and have loved them, deviating only briefly with the Cozmo because I too wanted to see what else might work. But didn’t like it and went back. I’m intrigued by the Ping, particularly because I’ve heard many good things about it from fellow D0Cers but also because of the anticipated Dexcom combination. That is what I am really interested in. Tubing doesn’t really bother me so probably not Omnipod for me unless they upgrade to refill so those of us who use more insulin won’t have to switch as often. Until those things happen, I’m willing to stay with what works. Hope you like what you find in other pumps!

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