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Support Living Vertical

If you haven’t heard of Steve Richert, then you are about to now.

Steve’s website can provide more details than I can, so I am going to provide the links to these site.  Basically, Steve has decided to climb every single day for 365 straight days.  This project has been title Project 365.  Please check out Steve’s sites related to climbing and “Like” the related Facebook pages.

Steve’s Mountain

I know, this is a super short post, but there’s plenty of words on Steve’s sites to explain in more detail.

I think this idea and project is just awesome.  For Steve to be able to climb mountains, literally climb mountains, is just an insane idea to me.  I complain because I have to ride a bike for 20 minutes for exercise and worry about my sugar going low when I have a fridge full of juice about 30 feet from me.

Please go and support Steve as much as possible.

**Disclosure: Roche paid my travel to and from Indianapolis, along with all meals and hotel. Roche also has paid ads throughout this site. The views and opinions in this post are 100% entirely mine and are not influenced by Roche.