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Stepping Down as a MiniMed Ambassador

This post is something that I knew I had to write, but was not looking forward to it.

I am stepping down as a MiniMed Ambassador.

There is simply one reason why I am doing this; I am no longer using an insulin pump.

Medtronic has been there for me since I first went on a pump 12 years ago. I have been using a MiniMed pump ever since then. Their customer service has always been amazing. Their marketing team has always been great to work with. They have always treated me with the utmost respect and have gone above and beyond for me on any request that I have ever asked of them.

As a company, they are one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, I have decided to stop using an insulin pump.

Why would I go off some of the best technology available in the 670G? Because my diabetes is different than every one else’s and it’s what works for me.

I will be going into more depth in tomorrow’s post as to why I have decided to stop using an insulin pump, but today is a sad post for me.

I have enjoyed my time as an Ambassador. I first wanted to become an Ambassador because when I was first going on a pump, I had a million questions. My first question was, “is it surgically implanted?”

I knew NOTHING about an insulin pump. And that’s why I wanted to be an Ambassador, because I wanted to help people who had questions.

I just want to end this post with THANK YOU to everyone at Medtronic for everything you have done for me.

5 thoughts to “Stepping Down as a MiniMed Ambassador”

    1. Rick – I know you had stepped down near the time that I was just starting up. I’m only doing it because I’ve switched back to MDI.

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