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Schedule of Roche Social Media Summit Posts

Some of you may have been aware that last week I was at the Roche Social Media Summit in San Diego, CA (Hashtag #dsummit).  For those of you that were there, I look forward to reading all of your follow up posts, please tag your blog posts with the hashtags so we can read them all.  To those that were not there, I hope that you were able to follow along with everyone on Twitter.  I think that next year there will be more of a focus on getting a better quality and less lag streaming video of the event.

I am going to try my best to cover as many as the topics that were discussed as I can.  I plan on doing a week long, 5-7 part series about this.  Here is the schedule:

Tuesday – International Diabetes Federation

Wednesday – Jeffrey Brewer, President JDRF

Thursday – Dan Kane, VP Marketing Roche

Friday – Glucose Getaway, Dr. Polonsky

Saturday – Relationship Building with DOC

Sunday – Taking the “O” Out of DOC

Monday – FDA Discussions

I am trying to type most of these posts while I am flying back from San Diego to Atlanta for a connecting flight, so it is a good 6 hours to allow me to write, write, and write some more.  It is becoming difficult though because I think Roche made a mistake, they booked me a first class flight.  I have never flown first class before, so I was actually a little nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect.  But, I do see that my perception of the people who fly first class is still the same, bunch of arrogant pricks.  There are a few that aren’t because they probably don’t fly first class all the time, like me.  I just wonder what they do.  Anyway, getting side tracked, but they also have free drinks, food, and movies.  I just finished watching Cedar Rapids (not so good) and am currently watching The Dilemma, so I am becoming distracted.

Sorry, I got off subject there for a while. But I hope that you all come back throughout the week because I have a lot of things that I think you will like. Some great ideas were brought up at the #dsummit and some new projects that we need to start working on like yesterday, so let’s get to it!