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Scary Low Blood Sugar at the Driving Range

Low Blood Sugar at Golf CourseToday was such a beautiful day and I was sitting at home just doing laundry and cleaning up all day, so I decided to take some time to go to the driving range.  I haven’t been able to golf for a few weeks and I have a golf tournament the second weekend of April, so I need to get back into golf shape.  Overall, not too bad.

Anyway, before I went there I had some chicken and pasta for lunch. I didn’t test my blood sugar before I went out to the driving range, not a good idea.  Once I got there, it was really hot out there, so I began to sweat right away and I could feel the blood sugar dropping.  I didn’t bring any candy or Gatorade with me, because I figured it would only take me about 15-20 minutes to go throw the bucket of balls.

I hit the first 10-15 balls normally, and then I felt it getting really low, so I didn’t want to exert too much energy, so I did a quick hit drill where I just lined the balls up and continued in a swinging motion.  This helped me get through the bucket balls a lot faster.  Now I had to drive home.  Luckily I live on the golf course and I didn’t decide to walk there like I initially was going to do. As soon as I got home, I drank some orange juice and ate a few cookies and then it was all good.

The blood sugar dropped quickly because I didn’t think it was that bad, and I just spent the money to buy driving range golf balls, so I didn’t want to just not hit them.  I know exactly what you’re thinking, because I thought the same thing, is a $4.00 bucket of driving range golf balls worth passing out from a low blood sugar?  Absolutely not!

I survived it, and sometimes I test my limits, but I know that I shouldn’t.

I am typing this at almost midnight Saturday night, and it is a lot more relaxing writing blog posts on a Saturday night then going out I think.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about a diet idea that one of my co-workers came up with because he was concerned about my eating habits and my diabetes.

3 thoughts to “Scary Low Blood Sugar at the Driving Range”

  1. Glad it didn’t get bad and you were able to get home and balance things out, Chris. I keep some glucose tabs or at least a snack of some sort in my golf bag, just mixed in with all the loose golf balls in the front pouch. That has helped from time to time, whether out on the course or at the range.

  2. Been there done that.My new strategy is took take a sugar level before I start any physical activity,especially golfing and before warming up because I can drop pretty fast.When my sugar is at 120 it’s great but also a sign to be on the ready.I always load up on snacks such as peanut butter and crackers ,beef jerky for protein and have my glucose gel on hand if I start to get the feeling.I also like to load on a few extra carbs than usual if I know I’m going to be active.

    1. Rick,

      Thank you for commenting. I as well test before I start a round of golf and then will test again on the 10th tee. If I am anywhere below 150 at the start of the round, I will eat a half of bagel or a granola bar because I know that it is going to be coming down quickly, especially living in Florida and playing golf in the summer heat. That’s funny that you bring beef jerky also because that is an absolute must have for me when I go out on the course. Once again, thank you for the comment and hope everything goes well, by the way, what’s your handicap?

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