No Roche Social Media Summit For Me

This morning I woke up at 7:00 am very excited to meet all of my fellow DOC friends.  I have been wanting to meet all of you in person for a long time and this was finally the time to do it and also get a chance to have our voices heard.  That excitement turned into sadness and disappointment very quickly however.

When I went to go pick up my rental car from Budget this morning, which was already paid for by the way, they told me that they would need to put a $500 hold on my card.  Well, 6 months ago I cancelled all of my credit cards because I am trying to pay them off, and I just came back from a weekend vacation for Amanda’s birthday, so $500 just sitting in my bank account for nothing is not something that I have.  I also don’t have a reliable enough car to drive to Orlando and back.

So, I am now sitting at home watching Law and Order: SVU.

I am very, very disappointed and will never use Budget rental car services ever again in my life.

This sucks