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Need to Wear CGM More Often

In a previous post that I had after my doctors visit I discussed that I promised not just my endo but myself that I would wear my CGM more often.  And I started to, but then I haven’t put it back on in a few days.  And why may you ask?  Because I am lazy, and since there are only certain times during the day that I can put it on, I usually decide not to do it.  They say to not put it on during a time that your blood sugars are fluxuating or not stable.  Well that eliminates the morning time and also night time.  So that leaves when I am at work.  Well, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do at work.  So then that leaves me doing it on the weekend, which allows me to have the CGM on from Saturday – Tuesday (unless it falls off during golfing.)

I know all the good things about the CGM.  That it is going to help me conquer my morning lows by knowing more of a minute by minute analysis of what my blood sugars are doing.  There are article out like this one from Science Daily, that states, which we all pretty much know by now anyway, “…patients averaging at least six days per week of CGM use had substantially greater improvements in HbA1c compared with those who used the device less often.”  Hmm, so do I need any more proof or any more of a fire lit under my butt?

I vow to wear my CGM for 7 straight days.  Then 14.  Then 21.  If I start with a goal of 30 days in a row, I have a problem reaching long goals without setting smaller ones in the short term.  This is my promise.

What is the longest that you have worn a CGM in a row?  I don’t mean, did you sneak 4 or 5 days out of a 3 day sensor from Medtronic.  But as in, you inserted a new sensor the same day you took an old one out, etc.

This all makes me think about my mindset.  I am usually so good about doing things the right way.  I have done things the right way my whole entire life.  I worked my butt off to be the best basketball and football player I could possibly be.  Of course there were times that I was lazy, but I would make up for it the next day or next week by working even harder.  Or if you have one of those days and you are a little slower at work, you can catch up on work the next day.  But diabetes is completely different.  If I want to take a day off, or be lazy, I can’t just make that time up or just work harder the next day.  This post could potentially become the change of my life and how I see things and act with my diabetes.  I have had A1c right around 7.0 or below for over 2 years,  but it’s time to stop being complacent with those numbers and continue to work harder.

I am committed to making this life of a diabetic a better one and in turn a longer one!