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My Thoughts on Fiasp

My endo provided me with two Fiasp insulin pens to test out. When I first heard about Fiasp, I was pretty excited. There were several reasons, but the primary reasons was how fast the insulin started to work. There are a lot of times when I take my insulin at the exact same time that I’m eating. I don’t usually know 15 – 20 minutes in advance that I’m going to be eating, so it’s always been tough for me to time my insulin ahead of time.

With Fiasp having an on-set time of about 2 minutes, I knew that it was going to work much better for me.

And, it did.

The insulin pen came in a bright yellow color. It definitely stood out against my Novolog pen and Tresiba pen.

I wanted to test the Fiasp out in different occasions, so the first one was my typical situation where I take my insulin at the same time that I was eating. I miscalculated the amount of insulin that I needed, but you can see in the Dexcom graphs below that the insulin started working pretty much right away. I typically have a sharp spike in my BG’s when I take my insulin at the same time that I eat. Eventually the insulin catches up and brings it down, but Fiasp caught the spike right away and didn’t let it get out of control.

The next test that I wanted to perform was taking my insulin 10-15 minutes before eating, you know, like I’m supposed to. Unfortunately, I can’t find the screenshots from my Dexcom during this time, but basically, the Fiasp did an amazing job. I had a spike in my blood sugar because I did not take enough insulin, but that spike came much later as opposed to right away.

I was also going to the gym while sampling Fiasp. I did see more lows at the gym when I was using Fiasp then when I was using Novolog. I honestly cannot say if that had anything to do with Fiasp. There are so many other factors that played in role in those lows at the gym.

Overall, I love Fiasp. I haven’t checked into whether or not my insurance will cover it, but if it does, I think I will be switching to it full time.

If you want a more scientific and in-depth review of Fiasp and why it’s different than Novolog, check out this post from diaTribe.

If you have tried Fiasp, please comment and let me know.

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