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My Strike Against Pizza

On Friday at work I had a quick discussion with one of my co-workers about diabetes.  He knew enough about it, but not everything there was to know.  We had a quick chat about how I need to lose weight in order to get my diabetes under better control.  Him and I both eat at this pizza place near the office, which has the best pizza and meatball subs I’ve ever had!  He came up with the idea that we should both try and lose 10 pounds in the month of April.  I said Deal!

The way we are going to do it, which we may not make the 10 pounds, but we made a deal that we won’t eat pizza for a whole month.  It is going to be tough for me to do, especially on days that I forget to pack a lunch, but then I did some quick calculating.  Not only will I lose 10-15 pounds by bringing my own lunch, I will save approximately $100-$150 a month on not paying for lunch.  The costs of the lunch ranges from $5-12 and I usually eat out 3 days a week.

So, that is my plan for the month of April, but why not start today?  Today I start my strike against pizza.