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My Own 365 Thanks to Steve Richert

2012 brought a lot of great things into my life. This is not going to be a post that talks about all of them, but just one thing in particular that has caused me to create a challenge for myself.  I’m sure most of you have heard of Steve Richert from Living Vertical and his Project 365 in which he will be climbing every day for 365 straight days.  I met Steve in Indianapolis at the Roche Social Media Summit and hearing him speak gave me a lot of motivation.  From time to time I tend to lose that motivation and get into a lazy valley and can’t seem to get myself out of it.  But then I think about the great and awesome things that others are doing that are so much more difficult than the things that I am trying to accomplish, and it tends to pull me out of that rut.

This all leads into my own 365 day challenge.  I have challenged myself to post for 365 straight days.  If Steve can climb a freaking mountain or a wall every day for 365 days, I think that I can write a blog post, or post a picture or an interview or do something for 365 straight days.

So, thank you Steve for challenging me without even knowing it.

2 thoughts to “My Own 365 Thanks to Steve Richert”

  1. So true. If he can climb a mountain every day, I should be able to do many easy things that I talk myself out of or procrastinate about.

    Thanks for this…and good luck!

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