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My Ideal Day #HAWMC

Today’s prompt is based on what would my ideal day look like? Who would I spend it with? Would I go somewhere? Has this day actually happened?

Well, unfortunately, this day has never happened for me. Because my ideal day would not be about what it included, rather what it didn’t include.

My ideal day would be waking up without having an insulin pump attached to me, so that when I roll out of bed, it doesn’t fall off the bed and yank down on my skin because it is almost ripping out the infusion set.

My ideal day would also not require me to stab my fingers 6-10 times a day to check my blood sugar. I would have beautiful, non-tingly hands on this ideal day. Speaking about stabbing, I wouldn’t have to take a shot with a syringe on this day either because of my insulin pump acting up and needing to take a manual shot.

I also wouldn’t need to scurry to the kitchen and search through the fridge looking for some orange juice or anything else that seems like it has sugar. And while making this decision to find something with sugar, I would prefer to not have to be feeling lightheaded, dizzy and sweating profusely.

Who would I spend this ideal day with? It really doesn’t matter. My wife and daughter could be there, that would be nice. It would be nice to not have to say to my daughter, “Ok, go play with mommy while daddy tests his blood sugar. Again. You know, since the last time I checked it was really low and daddy had to drink your juice box.”

That’s what my ideal day would be like.

How about you?