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Diabetes Spotlight – Melissa Benesch Discusses the DOC

Happy Friday to everybody.  This is week two of the new Diabetes Spotlight series, where I will be hosting guest posts or interviews of those that are advocating for diabetes either offline, or even online via social media, but without a blog.  Give them more than 140 characters.

Today’s spotlight is on Melissa Benesch, which many of you will already know her from Twitter @MelllBe.

I asked Melissa the question, “What has the DOC done or meant to you, in your first year of having diabetes?”

Please enjoy.


Even though I have only had diabetes for a year and five months, I feel like I have had it for much longer. It might sound weird, but to me, this condition has been some kind of a blessing. At first I wasn’t too happy about all the changes, and not to mention the huge duty that I was now responsible for.

After 6 months of feeling lonely and ‘different’, I decided to look for support. I was overwhelmed with all the new information I was receiving from my doctors and health care providers. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. I knew that I had my family and friends there for me, but I did not feel comfortable talking about my diabetes with them.

I was very tired of dealing with this all on my own. So I used one of the most helpful tools out there, Google. I typed in Diabetes and hundreds of things came up. The only problem with them was that everything I found I had heard before. I was looking for something not so scholastic. I wanted to find someone going through the same. AND I DID!

I joined twitter. At first I was iffy, and I didn’t get the whole point of talking to strangers. But little by little everyone I once considered a stranger, became a friend, even more, I consider the DOC my big family. I have learned so much form everyone, that I can’t be thankful enough. I’m thankful for every word of advice, for the support, and even those “I understand,” or “it’ll be OK” that somehow helps me deal with my diabetes every day.

The DOC has also taught me that if I’m going to live with this condition for a while (hopefully a cure is found) I have to accept it and make the best of it.

I personally, know that people that do not deal with diabetes are not very well informed of what it is or what it takes to live with this, because I used to be one of them. After I attended Students With Diabetes and got to meet others living healthy, happy lives, I decided I could too.

Thanks to the DOC, I try to educate others. I learned that I don’t have to feel ashamed of having diabetes anymore. Now I know that maybe I could make a difference in someone’s life, like the DOC has done in my life.


Please leave any comments or questions for Melissa below and she will be sure to see them and respond.

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