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Medtronic 530G Trial Beginning – Disclosure

Tomorrow is my training in order to start using the Medtronic 530G.  I have been reading through the training documents and it has been bringing me back almost 9 years ago when I first started on the Medtronic pump.  At that time I was very nervous and didn’t understand how an insulin pump really worked and was scared for my training.  Preparing for this training is a lot different.  I have a lot of confidence in my knowledge of the pump and feel that I could do a good job training and helping others use their pumps.

However, I want to treat this as if I’ve never used a pump before and try and learn things that maybe I’ve never utilized before.

With that being said, I must fully disclose my relationship with Medtronic.  Back in January I was invited to the Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum. Medtronic paid for my airfare, hotel, meals and any additional expenses during the trip. Shortly after the trip, I was given the opportunity to wear the 530G for a 90 day trial. During this time, Medtronic will provide the necessary supplies (pump, CGM, infusion sets, reservoirs, strips, sensors, etc.). In return, I will provide Medtronic with my honest opinion of the 530G system, as well as the training materials and the StartRight program. There is no monetary compensation for the trial or my review of the product.  All opinions expressed will be mine and mine only.

Please check out the disclosure page for full disclosure of the site.