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Lots and Lots of Insulin

I have been up in Pennsylvania for over a week now spending some great time with my family.  Along with that family time comes a lot of food.  A lot of food means a lot of insulin.  I have been going through insulin like it is water, literally.  On an average day, I use about 180-190 units of insulin.  That’s with my high basal rates, plus my unhealthy eating.  Add in being back at home with all of my favorite restaurants, I have been averaging 250 units of insulin a day for the last few days.  Some people don’t even use 250 units a month, let alone in a single day.

This is something that I am not proud of, and I know that I need to make up for all the extra insulin used by cutting back on the amount of insulin that I use when I get back to Florida and eat healthier again.

This all goes back to the whole idea of balance in my life.  I need to balance out this mass eating and insulin intake that I have been going through this past week and eat very low carb and keep my boluses to as low as possible for at least a week.

We shall see how well the low – carb adventure goes when I get back tomorrow.

3 thoughts to “Lots and Lots of Insulin”

  1. Don’t worry about the amount of insulin you need to take care of you. Nobody should be judged by any of our diabetes numbers (though I know it happens).

    How do you get around the Medtronic 25u bolus limit?

    1. Thanks Scott.

      I’m not as much worried about what others think about how much insulin take, but I’m worried because of my lack of insurance and the cost of insulin. The more I use, the faster I go through it, which means the more money I have to spend on it. That’s the biggest concern.

  2. 26. It was when I was pregnant and had hypoglycemic unawareness. I spoke to a kid years ago who said hers got down to 9!! Kids seem to yoyo more though. Doubt I’d still be conscience.

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