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If I Were to Ask a Yahoo Question and Also Answer It

Today’s prompt, we are asked to pose a Yahoo Question and also provide an answer to it (as silly as it may be).

 Question: Is Diabetes Contagious?


Yes. Yes it is. Diabetes is extremely contagious. Although it is not an airborne disease, it can only be contracted in 1 of 2 ways. The first way is the worst way to contract diabetes. Think of it as an apacolyptic afterworld where zombies have taken over, except these zombies are actually people with diabetes. What most people don’t know is that if you actually get bitten by someone with diabetes, you will actually become diabetic yourself within 12-36 hours.

How do you avoid getting bitten by someon with diabetes may you ask? Simple. There are a few things that you should never do. That will easily trigger an attack.

First, do not ask someone with diabetes “can you eat that?” By asking this question, you are in fact, pissing someone with diabetes off and they will bite you in the face. After this bite, you will begin experiencing a short temper, constantly needing to urinate, constant thirst (no matter how much you drink, you’re still thirsty), you’re going to lose your appetite, and you’re going to lose weight. Don’t worry, all these symptoms are clear signs that you are turning into becoming someone with diabetes.

Also, if you tell someone that they can cure their diabetes by eating healthier and exercising because you read an article in Good Housekeeping, then you are more likely to be bitten in the neck by someone with diabetes. Why the neck? Well, that’s the part that has a lot of sweetness to it, and people with diabetes love sweets.

Once you fully turn into someone with diabetes, once again, don’t worry. There is an amazing community of people that will help you to ensure that you don’t go out and bite other people’s faces and necks.