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I Think I Can, I Know I Can #HAWMC

Today’s prompt is the Little Engine post. List out 10 lines of “I Think I Can” and 5 lines of “I Know I Can”

I Think I Can be a catalyst for change in diabetes policy.

I Think I Can lose 50 pounds.

I Think I Can wear my CGM more often. I have access to the tech, use it!

I Think I Can speak in person at 5 events in 2017

I Think I Can do everything I can everyday to reach my goals

I Think I Can, therefore I Know I Can

I Think I Can review my diabetes data and make better decisions.

I Think I Can think of 2 more I Think I Can’s

I Think I Can set more achievable diabetes goals.

I Think I Can accomplish said diabetes goals.

I Know I Can blog every day for 30 days straight.

I Know I Can be positive every day and see the positive in people and situations

I Know I Can take the high road in every situation, because there’s a lot less people on that road.

I Know I Can run a successful business as a person with type 1 diabetes.

I Know I Can do everything that I listed in the I Think I Can and I Know I can lists.

One thought to “I Think I Can, I Know I Can #HAWMC”

  1. Hey Chris,
    I ran across your blog while doing a google search trying to learn more about the differences between using a HMO vs using a HSA for health insurance with Type 1 diabetes, a medtronic pump, and the hope/dream of getting a CGM and the 630g pump you showed in your video (and/or the “hydrid closed loop” 670 pump that they say will come out in Spring of 2017)…

    So my question to you good sir: What has/have your findings been in terms of what insurance company(ies) or types of insurance plans have proven most cost effective with diabetes… specifically when it comes to using a Pump and CGM?

    Best regards and I hope to hear from you,

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