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I Failed My #HAWMC Goal

November was a 30 day challenge to follow the prompts for the Health Advocates Writer’s Monthly Challenge. Well, I failed. I failed to complete the 30 days. In fact, I think I only made it about 15-16 days. I don’t like failing. I don’t like losing.

And what I don’t like even more is having to admit that I lost or that I failed. 

I will not fail again next time that I try this. I learned a lot from it. Writing a post every single day is very difficult to do. Especially with a lot of other things going on, but there are no excuses. When you decide to do something, you have to put all excuses to the side.

I am writing this post today to hold myself accountable. A lot of times, people will only share the good either on their site or Facebook, or wherever. But today, I wanted to share the side of failure.

And because I failed this small goal of one blog post per day, I am going to set an even higher goal to make up for it. And I want to make myself publicly accountable for this new goal. In 2017, I will publish one piece of content a day on one of my few blogs that I write at. Whether it is The Life of a Diabetic, Chris Stocker Inc, CSI Marketing Solutions Blog, or my Medium page, or LinkedIn Publisher page, or even a Snap / Insta story, I will create something every day.

I’ve recently became a huge fan of Tony Robbins. I used to think the guy was a fraud and full of crap, but after watching his documentary (now have seen it 5 times), I am a much bigger believer in what he speaks to. For example, the excuses that I had for not completing my #HAWMC were just stories that I was telling myself over and over and eventually I began to believe those stories. The story that writing a post every day is tough because I don’t have the time. I don’t have the time because I’m running a business, being a parent, being a husband, traveling for holidays and work, etc. The story should be about how easy it is to just write one thing a day, that’s a breeze. There is plenty of time throughout the day to do this.

So, the end of those stories. It’s on to creating more positive stories in my brain.

And today is the beginning of that.