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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year everybody.  I am a firm believer that if you needed the calendar to switch from December 31, 2012 to January 01, 2013 just to get your life changed, you are already behind on your goals.  However, if you have set goals for 2013, I wish you the best of luck on being successful on those changes.

Kerri wrote a post the other day about bringing balance into her life.  I think that is the best word that I could use to explain where I am looking to take my life in 2013.  I typically break down my goals into three words for the year, and each of those three words are broken down into the three areas of my life (diabetes, work, family).  I was struggling finding three words this year, and when I read the post that I mentioned above, I knew that all three words could be summed up by the one world, balance.

I need balance in my diabetes because my blood sugars are all over the place.  Bringing balance to this area will help all aspects of my life.

Bringing balance into my work is needed because after taking the step in 2012 to run my business full time, as opposed to just a freelancer, things have grown at a fast pace and balancing the work and organization that goes along with it can be demanding and difficult.

My work and family also go hand in hand because in 2012 I was working 12-16 hours a day, six days a week.  That did not leave me with a lot of time to spend with Amanda or to travel to see my family. 2013 is bringing a wedding for Amanda and myself, and hopefully a lot more traveling to see my family more frequently.  I need balance to be able to make it all work.

Grow a business, connect more with family, all while obtaining better blood sugar readings.

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