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From a 581 Blood Sugar to 115

Yesterday was not a fun day.  Basically, it went like this.  Sat in my office chair almost all day, didn’t eat lunch because I completely forgot all about it, before dinner had a 581 blood sugar and before I went to bed it was 115.  So what happened in between?  I honestly don’t know.

581 blood sugar

Around 2 o’clock I tested and the meter read 145 and I went right back to work and didn’t even eat anything.  I did forget to take my Levemir in the morning, but I didn’t want to take the morning dose so late and then would need to adjust the night time dosage of it as well.  I am taking half my Levemir at night and half in the morning.  After a quick trip to Target, which everyday is either a trip to Target, Walmart or the Dollar Store when you are married to a teacher.
Our spaghetti and meatballs were almost done so I decided to test again….581.  Wait, what did the meter just say?  I tested again, now it just said HI, like it was playing with me.  I told Amanda that it was crazy high, so I would not be eating dinner with her and I would eat later.  After taking a massive amount of insulin for a correction and drinking a lot of water it was beginning to come down.  That wasn’t my only issue at this time.

HI blood sugar

I also have a caffeine addiction, a really bad one.  If I don’t drink an energy drink or a large coffee after lunch, I begin to get nauseous and light headed around dinner time.  If I don’t have that caffeine, I have to take a nap or lay down for a bit and then I feel all better, that is until I drink a soda with my dinner.  With that little side story, I didn’t have an energy drink yesterday, so mixed with the high blood sugar was also the caffeine withdrawal I was dealing with it, so it was time to take a nap while Amanda ate and hope that my sugar came down enough to be able to eat when I woke up.

125 blood sugar

I slept for a little over an hour and when I woke up my sugar was now down to 310 or so.  I still wanted to wait a bit for it to get down below 200 because I just cooked spaghetti and meatballs, you better believe I was eating it.  Once it went below 200, I bolused again for the meal and ate.  The rest

of the night my numbers were great, hovering around 115-140.  When I went to bed my blood sugar was 115.

I did wake up in the middle of the night with a low, but with some bedside Skittles that was fixed pretty quickly.  Now on to today for a whole other advantage with diabetes.  Can’t wait!