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Friday Reflection Part 1

Every Friday from now on is going to be a “Friday Reflection” day in which I will attempt to reflect upon everything that happened during the week and try to make sense of it and move towards the next week.  This week was filled with some good positive things and some not so good things.  Sounds normal right?  Fortunately, my blood sugars this week have landed on the good side, so that is something that I am excited about.  Unfortunately, due to the bad things my blood pressure has been starting to get a little whacky on me.

This week started out with another long week of work ahead of me.  No different then any other Monday or week for that matter.  My responsibilities outside of work are what are starting to pick up and that is what’s causing the most stress.  I have football to coach on Tuesday and Thursday’s and we have games coming up soon so I am trying to prepare the kids for this and create a playbook for them to study from, which is taking forever.  There are so many damn blogs to read now a days I can’t seem to find a chance to read them all.  I find myself every night going to Diabetes Daily and just going through the lists of the posts throughout the day and some nights I make it all the way through and some nights I just can’t.  Monday night also included the first week of Monday night football, two games actually.  So that brought the excitement of the NFL back to me.

Tuesday, like I stated earlier was football practice and then home to try and get some work done on a few little side projects.  I’ve also been doing some brainstorming on some cool, fun little activities to try and give back to JDRF locally.  Wednesday and Thursday were just boring ole days, nothing really exciting that went on.  So that comes to tonight.  I just came back from TGI Friday’s and then heading out later tonight to check out the new Jennifer Aniston movie, should be good.  This weekend will be filled with nothing but football.

Looking back on the week I am happy.  I learned a lot this week.  A lot about myself, a lot about diabetes, and about life in general.  I unfortunately learned a lot about some people, that I did not know previously.  My goal every week is to learn more than I did the week before.  And to be able to look back on the week and think, what did I do to make myself better this week.  Whether a better person, a better diabetic, a better worker, better at anything.  As soon as I become complacement, things get back.

Well there you have it a summary of the week for a life of a diabetic.  Nothing too special, all pretty much boring ole life.  Have a great week ya’ll