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Forgot to Reschedule Endo Appointment, Oops

It’s been a while since my last A1C and my last endo visit.  I had an appointment scheduled in January, but it was cancelled because the doctor could not make the appointment.  My main doctor is on maternity leave, so the doctor taking her place has her own office and there was a scheduling conflict, so she had to cancel mine.  I just realized today that I never re-scheduled a new appointment, so I need to call tomorrow to make sure that I get a new appointment soon.

I was supposed to lose at least 5 pounds by next visit, and I guess you can say, luckily I got sick these last few days because I lost a few pounds, and now I am trying to keep them off.  Amanda and I are still settling into our new place and are cooking a little more often, but still not as frequently as we would like to.  Still wasting a lot of money and a lot of calories on take-out.

I am having some serious internet issues with Comcast right now, so I never know when I am going to actually have internet.  It works for a day, then doesn’t work for a few days, then works, etc.  Just one big viscous cycle, that I don’t like.  Anyway, my blog reader is up to close to 1,000 with a backlog of blogs, crazy huh?  I am determined to catch up on every single one of them, but it will definitely take some time, but I can get it done.

Well, time to get started on those blogs.