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Flying Home with Diabetes

I am actually on the plane right now as I am typing this post.  I am returning back to south Florida right now after 10 days in Pennsylvania with friends and family.  It was a great trip and I spent a lot of great time with my family.  As I mentioned the other day, I also ate a lot of food and used a lot of insulin.  I am excited to get back onto a healthy eating schedule starting already tomorrow.  But, it’s back to reality tomorrow.  Take down the Christmas stuff, unpack all the crap that we got for Christmas and try and get back to a normal lifestyle.

Before I do all that, I have to fly back first, and that’s what I’m doing right now. I still get nervous before I fly every time and that messes with my blood sugar.  I really try to have my blood sugar around 160-180 when I fly.  I don’t want to go low and I don’t want to go high.

Do you have an ideal blood sugar number that you prefer when you are going to fly?