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Finally Some at Home Dexcom Reporting

If you know me, or have seen any pictures of my technology, you will know that I am a Mac user.  After spending the first 23 years of my life hating Apple, for no apparent reason, and thinking that people that used Macs are a bunch of dorks, I made the switch to an iPhone several years back and then the conversion took place quickly.  iPad and then a Macbook Pro.  I do use VirtualBox on my MBP, but I don’t ever use it, because just like with any Windows machine, there are updates and installs I have to do every single day.  So, when I don’t use it for 30-45 days, it takes 2 hours just to go through all of the updates.

Without being able to run my reports for my Dexcom on my MBP, I could only get reports when I went to the endo, and that usually only consisted of the last 7 days.

I have an old laptop from my Windows days that I have been wanting to re-install Windows, clean it up and be able to run my Dexcom reporting on there.  After about a year, I finally got around to it and I installed the Dexcom software and ran my own Dexcom reports at home for the first time since I’ve had a Dexcom.

As much as I hated working with Windows again, I was just as excited to finally have access to data that I’ve always wanted.

One thought to “Finally Some at Home Dexcom Reporting”

  1. If only Dexcon G4 would have made the data available as text files (CSV) or SQLite database on the USB interface, without the need for any special driver. Everyone could download the data and run their analysis in excel, R, SPSS or anything they like…. Too simple maybe ?

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