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FDA – Where to Begin, What to Do

As you may recall, I attended the Roche Social Media Summit last month in Indianapolis. This post is not 100% about that event, but a common theme and topic of discussion was the FDA. Whether it was a discussion of people being unhappy about their processes, or products being released 4 years earlier in Europe before they make to the States, or they feel overwhelmed and discouraged that they can’t read the documents and don’t know what they can do to help the FDA.

These are also all questions and concerns that I have. I have always wanted to be able to learn more about the regulation and governmental part of the diabetes industry, but I have always felt overwhelmed when trying to read any sort of FDA documentation. I always felt that these documents purposely add big and confusing words at the beginning to make me click the X button right at the very beginning.

So, since the FDA was such a big part of the discussions and it is something that I wanted to learn more about and become a better advocate in that area, I figured that I would start that by interviewing Bennet Dunlap from Your Diabetes May Very.

Come back tomorrow for my interview with Bennet. We will discuss where to begin, who to follow, what to read, how to read and how you can better advocate for more accurate testing, better CGM’s, better technology, etc.

See you all back here tomorrow.