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Endo Appointment Tomorrow

This is a late night post, but I’ve been pretty busy all day trying to catch up on some work.  I’ve also been preparing for my endo appointment tomorrow.  I have not “prepared” for an appointment in probably 7 years.  I usually just grab my meter and go to the doctors office and that’s it.  Not this time.  I’ve been writing some things down because my diabetes has been extra wacky lately.

Now that I am eating healthy again, full time on Apidra and actually counting my carbs again instead of guestimating, I have been having a lot more low blood sugars.  Especially in the middle of the night.  They have been freaking Amanda out and I don’t blame her, so I am trying to get my basal rates and carb ratios right.  I’m currently using two different carb ratios because I tend to snack late at night between 11 p.m – 2 a.m.

I have also been adjusting my basal rates to try and find the “perfect” basal rate.  I think that I am going to do a new basal rate test with the new diet and different insulin and try it all over and find out where it should be.  For so long I just used a max bolus of 25.0 units and just ate without even counting the carbs and sometimes not even testing before.  And then when I did test, my blood sugar was high, so then I needed to have a higher basal rate and carb ratio of about 3:1.

This is also my first appointment without my endo of 7 years being there.  I haven’t seen her during an appointment in almost two years because she was on maternity leave and then I just continued to see the nurse, but this is the first time that she is no longer there.

Should be interesting.

Well, I’ll be back here tomorrow to talk about some exciting things from the appointment.

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