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Down to the Last Set

It all came down to the last set. No, I am not talking about Wimbledon, even though watching Nadal getting upset was an exciting match to watch.  I am talking about infusion sets.  I had mentioned previously that I was getting very low on infusion sets.  I had a box of infusion sets sitting in my diabetes storage bin, so when I went to open it, it was empty.  This is why being lazy is not a good idea.  I opened the box and dumped all the infusion sets out, like I usually do, except I didn’t take the 2 seconds to throw it away, but just put the box right back into the storage bin.  At this point, there were two left.

I called right away into the supply company to get my infusion sets already.  *Complete side note, I’m at a Panera right now and I just heard an older guy trying to be cool in front of younger girls say, “Just finished my lunch-O and heading to the beach-O, bro-yo”

Anyway, back to the infusion sets.  I don’t like long stories, so let me keep this one short also.  Medtronic submitted the order into the insurance company and the insurance company said the insurance was not valid.  This is because when I pay my COBRA, it takes about 72 hours to update in the computer system, which is just ridiculous, it’s 2012, things are instantaneous now!  So, for whatever reason Medtronic decided to cancel the order, because I told them to hold off until the insurance is active.  Now down to 1 infusion set.

I finally found out that the insurance company was showing my COBRA as being paid and active.  So I call Medtronic right away, which is when I found out the order was cancelled.  Not only that, but they need a new prescription from my doctor because the one they just got like 2-3 days was not good enough for them.  Well, this is a Friday at like 3.  My doctor’s office closed that particular Friday for some reason, so I couldn’t get the prescription until Monday.  So, now I am figuring that I will need to go about 7-9 days with just one infusion set.

I’ve done this before, as bad as that is, but I knew as long as it didn’t fall out, I would be able to manage.

Ready for the ending?  Sorry, no Hollywood climactic ending for you.  More like a Disney, and we all lived happily ever after ending. The infusion sets arrived and I ripped this 7 day set out and threw in a new one right away.  I tend to wear one infusion set for about 5 days, so this 90 day supply should last about 180.

One thought to “Down to the Last Set”

  1. I seem to remember that Medtronic sent me a small pack of cannulas to get me by before because I was waiting on insurance. I’m surprised they didn’t offer. Usually they have great customer service. Next time, you may want to ask if they can ship a handful to get through.

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