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Do Not Use Dollar Store Batteries for Your Pump

About two months ago, I had a low battery alert pop up while I was at the dollar store, so I saw a pack of 10 AAA batteries at the dollar store and decided to just buy them and use them. Well these batteries last less than a week. So, my first recommendation is to just not use them unless it is an absolute dire need to use it.

So, the reason that I am bringing this up today is because last night, I had a little low battery scare. I knew that I had to buy new batteries because I only had a few dollar store ones left, but I thought I could make it until next Tuesday when I fly back to PA because my mom usually supplies me with like a years worth of batteries for my pump, so why go and spend $5 on batteries right now?

Except, last night when I went to change the battery out, after it was completely dead, I realized that I forgot my two remaining batteries in New Orleans. Have you ever done that battery search where you grab all your remotes, your razor, and any other appliances that use batteries? Well, that’s what I was doing last night at 9:30 p.m. The only problem is that not a single AAA battery I had in the house (5 of them) had enough juice in them to pass the battery test for the Medtronic pump.

On to Walmart I went at 9:30 last night while I was trying to watch Monday Night Football. Just about 20 minutes before that, I was complaining to Amanda that we just went grocery shopping and I forgot to buy bread to make my nightly PB&J, so I guess it was a good idea to just head to Walmart and get it all at once.

The moral of the story is to not use dollar store batteries for your pump unless you know that you are going to change it out within a day or two.