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Different Kind of Doctor’s Appointment

This week has been filled with different kinds of doctor appointments other than diabetes.  I did something to my knee in a co-ed softball league a couple of weeks ago.  The same knee that I tore my ACL on 9 years ago.  Seems like I may have partially re-torn it, or tweaked it a little bit.  But I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor and it’s weird going to doctor’s visits that have nothing to do with diabetes.  I was impressed however, that when the doctor saw me, right away he said, “Ah, Minimed insulin pump.”  Made me feel good about this guy that he knew what an insulin pump was, and also the brand.

I had to get an MRI on the knee yesterday, but there were some issues so I had to reschedule it for this Saturday.  I haven’t had an MRI in a long time, but I hate them.  The worst part about this injury is that it pretty much has me doing no exercise at all.  I can ride a bike, but at a slow minimal speed.  I can’t play softball, I can’t golf, I can’t walk far distances or run.  I can swim, but I haven’t had a chance to get into that workout schedule.  I’m up when my girlfriend leaves for work, so I am really going to try and start going to the pool at that time and getting a few laps in for some exercise.

Well, until I hear more from the doc about the knee, I will just be worrying and hoping that I don’t need any sort of surgery.

Have a good day ya’ll

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