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Diabetes Police…Thank You

Thank You Diabetes Police

So we all know what the diabetes police are and we have all had our experiences with the diabetes police.  I had an experience last week with some of my co-workers when talking about what I just ate for lunch.  It’s funny because it was on Thursday, the day after dsma last week when we were discussing what and how we react to these circumstances.  We were walking back from lunch and I said that I was stuffed and the one co-worker asked what I ate and I said that I just ate a bunch of pasta, and helaughed and said, you must be the worst diabetic ever.  He was joking and mentioning that I eat a lot of pizza, pasta, donuts, coffee, energy drinks, etc.  I took this time to educate them on insulin pumps, and taking insulin and I can eat anything that I want to, except that I have to take insulin because my body doesn’t make it and yours does.

I also explained the diabetes police to them and that it doesn’t bother me when it happens because I like the opportunity to explain things and educate people on this disease, the more people that know the better we all are.  We also talked about how they would answer the question.  I mentioned that I may just start answering those questions on whether or not I can eat something, “Should you really be eating that also?”  If it’s something that I shouldn’t eat, then it is probably something that you shouldn’t eat either. And vice-versa.

But, as you see in the title of today’s post, I am saying Thank You to the Diabetes Police.  Why such an absurd thing may you ask?  Because they are making me realize how bad of a diabetic I really am!  Why am I eating 2 donuts every Friday when people bring them in, on top of the breakfast that I already ate, then going and eating a slice or two of pizza at lunch, and then maybe another donut in the afternoon.  I shouldn’t be eating like that, and when they question me, it’s almost like, ya know what, you are right, I shouldn’t be doing this and I am going stop eating this food.

Yesterday was a great day of living this new lifestyle.  High fiber breakfast, a salad for lunch, a small little high fiber snack, a small sub with some mac and cheese for dinner, a 2-mile walk and then strawberries and kiwi for dessert.  This is the start of hopefully a long-term lifestyle change.  I definitely need to do more exercise than just walking, but it is better than nothing at all. A good Monday and I am hoping that it leads to a good day today and tomorrow, and so forth.

Have a great day ya’ll.