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Diabetes Parenting Week

After having a chance to speak to several different care givers and parents of children with diabetes, I formed a whole new respect for them. Not to say that I didn’t haven’t respect for them already because I obviously did. It’s just that I began thinking about what I would do and how I would act if I had a child with diabetes myself. So, the idea came to me to have a special week dedicated to these caregivers and parents.

That’s where diabetes parenting week is beginning. Throughout this week you are going to see guest posts from parents of children with type 1 diabetes. I will introduce each one of them the night before and day of their post.

Tomorrow you will hear from Scott Benner from Arden’s Day. I had a chance to meet Scott last month and I instantly was intrigued by his stay at home dad lifestyle and taking care of his children. It was a clear, obvious choice to have him write a guest post.

So, come check out the post tomorrow.