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Diabetes in the Wild

I’m sure at one point or another we have felt like we are the only one that is going through a specific problem or issue with diabetes. But then we log on to social media and we see 10 others with the exact same problem and the solution to the problem becomes a lot easier to see. However, in our daily lives, we may not come across diabetes in the wild as often as we may like (not that we want others to have diabetes, but to know more locally who do.)

When I am at home in PA, I unfortunately, do see diabetes in the wild, in the form of my 6 year old niece.

The other day we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Which, by the way, is an awesome place. But while there, my brother had tested my niece because the Dex was showing about 115 double arrow down. The results on the meter were much lower…. 36.

Seeing my brother and sister-in-law spring into action so quickly and give two juices and a quick snack right before lunch to fix the low was weird to watch. It was weird because I’m so used to just seeing myself do that and make quick decisions like that to correct my lows.

Then at lunch, another discussions ensued about how much she treated with, how many carbs in the meal, take into consideration that there is still more playing to be done at the museum and also the ride home. Discussions like this are exactly what I have in my head every day, but I’m not used to hearing them from other people, except for when I’m at a conference or meetup.

As exciting as it is to see diabetes in the wild, I wish that I didn’t have to see it in this fashion, but when you see a 6 year old fight through a 36 blood sugar in order to get back to playing, it makes you realize that I as well can get through a low to get back to adult activities like working.