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Diabetes in New Orleans

This past weekend I was in New Orleans for a birthday trip to see my Philadelphia Eagles play the Saints on Monday Night Football.  Amanda and her family paid for the entire trip for my birthday gift because I mentioned that it would be a dream to go see the Birds on Monday Night.  This was my second trip to New Orleans.  I went a few years ago when the ADA Scientific Sessions were there and was there as a vendor and had a great time.  The food is amazing, but I ate a lot, so my sugar levels were all over the place.  Nothing changed on this trip.

Of course when you are in New Orleans, there is going to be a lot of drinking, so I  made sure that whenever I left the hotel, I had my Nano meter with me that I could just carry in my pocket.  At one point, I “felt” like my sugar could be high, so, as I was waiting for a few of the people we were with on Bourbon street, I pulled out my meter and one-handed tested my sugar in the middle of Bourbon street.  It was sort of one of those diabetes bucket list type of things.  Surprisingly, my blood sugar was about 130.

Whenever I left the hotel, I made sure to not just have my meter, but Amanda also had her diabetes backup bag in her purse.  Basically, in that bag includes an extra infusion set, a vial of insulin, and a reservoir.  Ya never know when you may need any of those while on Bourbon Street.

Unfortunately, the Monday Night Football game didn’t go the way that I wanted it to, but the whole season hasn’t.  But, overall, the trip was amazing and the New Orleans food didn’t do as much damage to my blood sugar averages as it did the first time that I went there.

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