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Diabetes in Dunkin Donuts

About two years ago, I went into one of the Dunkin Donuts by my house and had a diabetes experience that sticks with me today.  *Side note, I say “one of” the Dunkin Donuts because in south Florida you cannot trip and fall without landing in a DD.  Anyway, when I went in there, my pump beeped so I pulled it out to hit the ACT button to get it to stop beeping.  The cashier said, “is that an insulin pump?”  I said, “sure is”.  We began to have a short conversation while I was waiting for my bagel.  Basically she told me that she was recently diagnosed with type 2 and that her doctor wants to put her on insulin, but she doesn’t want to give herself shots because she was too afraid.  I told her that she can’t be afraid and just have to conquer her fears to save her life.

I need more coffee
I need more coffee

Fast forward to today.  I have gone to that DD 100 times in the years since that occurrence happened, and I don’t think she remembered me.  Until we had another diabetes experience this morning.  I started to take my insulin while I was in line, trying to do that 15 minutes before meal time stuff.  Unfortunately, I got the annoying beep, not the ‘doot-do-doo’ beep that goes off when you have a low reservoir, but the loud, obnoxious no delivery beep.  So, I pulled the pump out to get the beeping to stop, and she noticed it again!  What are the chances of that?!?

Long story short, she has lost 20 pounds and doctor took her off insulin and she is now on a once a day pill and strict diet.  She quit smoking and hasn’t eaten fast food in over a year.  You don’t always get a lot of time to talk to cashiers at DD in the morning time, but when I do get a chance, this is what I love to hear.  Wish I could say the same to her, except I was ordering a large iced coffee, sausage and cheese english muffin, hash browns, and of course the Cupid Special heart shaped donut for Amanda.  At least I know she’s not part of the diabetes police.

Well, have a great Valentine’s Day.  Help boost the economy today!

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