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Dexcom: One Week Later

I have been using Dexcom for longer than a week, but I’m just now getting a chance to write this post. I shared my thoughts on my first 24 hours with Dexcom, so now it’s time for my first week with Dexcom.


From the time I inserted the sensor until it ended and I removed it, there was no discomfort. I inserted the first sensor just under my left breast. I was very happy with the comfort of the insertion and the fact that I barely even knew it was there for an entire week.


The adhesive stuck for an entire week. Now, I did have to use some reinforcements during the week. I started going back to the gym, so the sweat was really making the sensor adhesive come off of my skin. I actually used the Medtronic sensor tape to help reinforce the Dexcom adhesive. I’ve included an image to show you the Medtronic sensor tape in case you have never seen it. I cut it in half and then put half on the top of the Dexcom sensor and half on the bottom.


I cannot complain about the accuracy at all. There were a few finger stick checks that were a bit off, but nothing that was more than a few percentage points off. The accuracy came back quickly after a calibration. Two thumbs up for accuracy.

Overall Thoughts

So, my overall thoughts are that I am super excited and happy with the Dexcom. I’m going to do a full post on the Dexcom Clarity reports, but my time in range has increased tremendously in just one week being on Dexcom. Wearing it has allowed me to become an it more aggressive with my insulin as well. No fear of lows. No more not knowing my blood sugar is high until I test and going 2 hours with a high blood sugar and then another hour until it came back down.

More to come in later posts, but those are my initial feelings after a week.