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CVS – You Are a Failure Part 2

I don’t want to sound like I am trying to take CVS out of business or anything, but they need to be held accountable.  For so many years, companies could do whatever they wanted and pretty much get away with it.  Now with blogs and Twitter and Facebook, companies are held responsible for mistakes that they make.  You can read about what happened last week at CVS and their misleading ads.

On Friday, I was supposed to pick up the test strips that were ordered for me.  Well when I got there, there were not any boxes of 50 strips on the shelf, so I’m thinking, here we go again.  I asked the lady behind the counter for 2 boxes of 50 and explained to her that they had ordered them for me on Tuesday.  I was told to come in after 12:00, so I strolled in around 2:00 p.m.  The shipment still was not unpacked so the lady said she would just go into the shipment and pull them out.  Well the head pharmacist said no, she could not do that and told me to come back after 5:00 p.m. tonight.  That really irritated me that the head pharmacist, who should know the importance of strips, told me I still had to wait.

I was not able to make it back to CVS that night, so I decided to go the next morning.  When I walked in on Saturday morning, once again I didn’t see any boxes of 50 counts on the wall.  It was all new people working that day, so I had to explain the whole thing over.  They told me that none were ordered so I would have to wait until Friday.  I nicely explained to them, that no I am not waiting until Friday and they were selling me the 2 boxes of 25 for $9.99, since the box of 50 was $9.99.  She said no.  I kind of disagreed.  When I asked for the store manager, luckily he was extremely busy and just said ok do it, without even really listening, she finally rang them up.

They wanted to give me a rain check for Friday again, but I just told them to keep it because I would rather pay an extra $20 then to step foot into that store again.  I am done with CVS; they no longer exist in my life.  This was an example of some of the worst customer service that I have ever seen.  Do people understand that they are messing with people’s lives?  If you work in a pharmacy, should you not be required to understand diabetes in the most simple forms?  Understand what testing strips are for and how important they are and that it’s not a game of oops sorry.

CVS – you are a failure!

6 thoughts to “CVS – You Are a Failure Part 2”

  1. I am sorry you were treated like a piss of poop! I honestly wouldn’t go back if it were me. I am not sure if anyone understands any disease unless they have lived with it. I hope all goes well next time. Have you tried a different CVS store?

  2. I would specifically write a letter to the store manager, the head pharamacist, and those at the national CVS chain headquarters. Explaining the situation and mentioning them by name. If you don’t have the names, it would be easiest enough to find as that stuff is typically listed online, or even on the wall of the store (unfortunately, this would require walking back into CVS… if even for recon). I’d say you once were a customer there who spent “considerable” amounts on multiple items, but because of this situation you are not only not using the pharmacy but you’re no longer going to be a CVS customer. Rather, you’ll be a patron at Walgreens. If anything, you’ll get the satisfaction of hitting them with a big F-U even if it doesn’t do anything to turn heads within the store.

  3. I too have had trouble with CVS and the way they are so disorganized. One does not know what the other is doing. I had a problem similar to that and I had to use the email “contact us” on the internet to complain. They got in touch with the manager of the store who finally took care of the problem.
    They obviously contacted the manager because he repeated what I had told them to me in conversation when he called the phone number that I had given them. It is worth a try.

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