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Contour USB Review

Before I start this review, let’s get to the disclosure.  Back in November I wrote a post about how I want a Contour USB meter.  Bayer’s PR or marketing team, must do a great job with social media and monitoring blogs because I was e-mailed within 24 hours asking for my address so they could send me one.  They did not ask me to do a review for this product, they just sent me a sample.  This review is my own personal review, not influenced by anything at all, but my own thoughts, so here we go:

Initial Thoughts

As soon as I saw the packaging I thought, “Wow, this things is freaking awesome.”  The black box it comes in is really sharp.  Upon opening it, I couldn’t use it right away because it had to charge for a while.  That was one thing that I did not like that I had to wait about 4-5 hours to use it for the first time.  Most meters, you just flop in the battery and it is ready to go.

The next thing that I saw and noticed inside the box was the multi-color lancets.  I don’t change my lancet very often, so I think this influenced me to change it more often because they were cool colors.  Finally, I got to the meter and liked the design of it.  It was thin and small, very large colored screen.


The meter was very simple to use.  I will admit that I did not use all of the features that I could have (I was restricted to the 20 sample strips that came with it).  One end of the meter is a USB that has a cap over it that you just pull off.  On the other end, it has a slot to put the test strip in.  It was self-explanatory what to do, put the strip in the machine and then it turned on.  Prick your finger, get the blood and let the meter show you your BG on a colored screen.  Once the reading comes up, you are able to categorize it by time of day, for instance, breakfast lunch or dinner.  I must say that I am not a big fan of the Microlet 2, at all.  I guess that I love the Freestyle lancing device so much, that there is nothing else out there that can compare.

Data Usage

Before I received the meter I had heard about it and heard about the great graph and data features that came along with the meter. The first time I plugged it into my computer, it took at least 20 minutes for the software to load up.  I know it wasn’t my computer because I run a lot of high powered software and applications on my computer and there’s never an issue.  Once it did finally load up, then it was still slow to click from graph to graph.  Once everything was up and running properly, I loved it.

Like I said before, I only had 20 test strips, and I tried to space it out as far as possible to test at different random times.  Here are a few snapshots from the photos below (click for full size):

As you can see from the first picture, the readings were color coded, would like to see more greens, but that’s the way it is.  I like this breakdown.  The second picture is easier on the eyes and see on a percentage basis where your numbers are based upon the ranges.  I really like the data summary on the left side of the image.  The last photo is a line graph which is useful to see visually how much your blood sugar is varying.

Overall I like the meter.  I would use it as my full time meter, but I have already put in a 3 month supply of Freestyle Lite strips, so I can’t afford to pay out of pocket for the Contour strips.  After this go-round, I may switch my strips and use the Contour ones instead.

If you have used this meter, please leave any additional feedback or comments that you have about it

8 thoughts to “Contour USB Review”

  1. Hi Chris. Caleb received one from Nick Jonas when he met him. I have to agree – it is really slick and makes a great impression right out of the box. The software in the meter itself is robust, easy to use and provides motivation to use it simply because it’s kindof fun. I was not able to download the info, although I didn’t try too hard. I was excited because it is Mac compatible and very little (if anything) else is. I intended to read the user manual, but never got around to it. I need to do that now after seeing your graphs. Caleb uses the OmniPod, so it’s going to take something pretty fantastic to incline us to use a separate meter. But if I can figure out the downloading, that just might be the ticket for us!

  2. I like the meter, but it has what I consider, a very serious drawback. You can’t reset it. Its impossible to delete any of the data it recorded, and you cannot reset it back to the factory settings. Even more absurd, once you download data from the meter into the Bayer Glucofacts software that comes with it, the data STILL stays in the meter, and you can’t delete the readings data from the database on your computer either!

    I called Bayer’s technical support, and they confirmed this. I find this very, very bizarre.

    I did a lot of playing with this when I bought it. Lots of control solution readings, a bunch of test readings with different blood samples from different fingers, etc. And now, all of that garbage is in there and cannot be removed.


  3. I’m having trouble believing my readings. For the past four years I’ve had A1c readings below 6.0. Since beginning use of the Contour USB suddenly my daily (4 times per day) readings are all ove the place. My first reading in the morning is often over 132, my noon reading is often over 120, same with the evening reading and my bedtime reading, usually 4-4 1/2 hours after supper is often over 200. I never had reading this high before using my old meter. Course now I have a 3 month supply of test strips so I’m stuck with the Contour until I exhaust this supply and can go back to my old meter. On the positive side I like the size, the quickness and the neat carrying case. I just don’t think the readings I’m getting are accurate. My breadfast and lunch meals are almost identitical every day, testing times are within 10-15 minutes each day, and exercise and daily routines are pretty well rregulated, much to the chagrin of my spouse. So, I haven’t changed anything other than the meter and test strips.

  4. I’ve had some trouble with bg control since going thru shoulder surgery. Dr gave me a contour usb to try out. Bg control seemed worse with the usb. I figured the increased bg’s were caused by me varying my diet and workouts a bit. I’ve had readings up to 110 bg off from tests with same meter seconds afterward. Using the standard contour, the usb was up to 140 points off…got a new contour usb and first reading was 80 points off from standard contour….all usb readings were higher….I wish I had noticed this problem sooner….I will not use it again….caused some surprise lows believing the usb’s often high numbers and dosing wrong

  5. I know! I’ve been going through the same thing with my son. He’s only newly diagnosed type 1 not even two months into it but I don’t trust this meter. Readings are all over the place and I’m having to literally triple check sometimes and strips aren’t cheap! Then yesterday he did a reading and it showed up as a control test? WTH?

  6. So I’ve had my Bayer Contour USB for about 5 days now. I love it. I haven’t had any issues with my BGs being off. When I got the meter, I opened it up, battery was low but not dead. I plugged it in my computer and I had to wait about 3mins for it to be recognized. But after that first time it loads right up, I still have to click into “My Computer” and launch it, but less than a minute. Also you can load it up to any computer and the info is on the USB not the computer, so thats handy. I will say the graphs are cool. Only thing I don’t like is not being able to delete a reading. Like I check my Blood sugar early or its a control I don’t want that showing up on my trends. This is probably my 5th meter in the last 10 years, and by far is the easiest and coolest to use (if a meter could be cool 😛 ) I hope you guys can find one that works for ya <3

  7. Look all; Like most of you I think it is a fantastic product, yet, I have a hard time owning a product where the pharmaceutical company is dictating whether or not, I can or can’t delete a reading.

    I am not hiding from someone, this is not a drug test, nor is it a pill I am taking, yet when I did a favor for a friend who wanted me to do his reading on my meter, I saw no harm in it. Well the good news for him is his blood reading is perfect 4.7 – 5.0 (Canadian Reading) and mine averages 7.x – 9.x. Now my average is no longer accurate.

    When I called them they told me you can’t and that they WONT allow me to delete a false reading or a mistake. Sine I paid for it and I am way older than 30 years old, why would they demand and dictate that your are not allowed.

    My recommendation is that you NOT buy this unless you are willing to be told like a child that you can’t do this or that with simple tracking of your own meter THAT YOU PAID FOR……

    BAYER LISTEN CAREFULLY – YOUR DON’T OWN US. We buy your meters and can easily go to another vendor that isn’t a dictator.

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