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Community of Diabetes

Community.  What does it mean to you?  If you all haven’t seen the video yet that has been quickly making it’s way around the intrawebs, then here’s a link to it, along with the full video at the end of the post.  The video explains itself, but let me give a quick explanation.  Somebody in the diabetes community had an issue with something.  Doing what any real community would do, people stepped up.  Would you expect anything different from somebody that created the You Can Do This Project?  Or awesome video editing from a person that puts her dedication to the diabetes community into the videos that she helps product?

This is what I call a community folks.  People going out of there way, putting things aside that they may need to be doing, spending time with family, or friends, or working.  I am still overwhelmed by how fast this came together and how quickly this community was able to help one of their own.  If you had a family member in trouble, would you do something like this for them?  I’m sure that you would.  That is what a community means to me.  People that stick by each other, help where they can.

Of course a community is going to disagree on things.  If they didn’t, then nothing would move forward because there would not be any dissent or ways to adapt and change, but that’s a whole other time and post.

That’s my quick two cents on the community coming together for a great cause.

You can expect to see another post next week about this community, I’m just not ready yet to make the final post, still more to write about it.

3 thoughts to “Community of Diabetes”

  1. It’s so important when you are living with a chronic illness to know that there are other people just like you. What the DOC does for me and others is absolutely amazing, and I am so thankful for it.

  2. About a week earlier, this same “somebody” was on Twitter and read a tweet by another PWD who said she hadn’t tested her blood sugar in two days. She replied with a friendly “lets do it together”, and tweeted an image of her meter along with a handwritten note. Within an hour, Twitter was filled with people uploading photos of their meters at that very moment, with hashtags #diabetes #solidarity. It was incredible, and truly amazing to watch that unfold so quickly and spontaneously.

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