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Easter Egg Hunting and a Pump in the Wild

Easter egg hunting time.

Since our daughter just turned two, this was her first Easter Egg hunt. And, it may be her last.

The parents at these Easter egg hunts are just unbelievable. Trampling people in order to get their kid into the egg hunt area even though there were 5 different sessions that they could get into it. Then, how ignorant they are to scoop up the eggs themselves instead of letting the kids do it because they want to get a special picture opportunity.


So, where’s the diabetes tie in here?

While we were standing in the long line, I looked down and saw a pump in the wild! A lady in front of me was wearing a Medtronic pump. It’s great seeing a pump in the wild, however, I felt like I was in the wild with these Easter Egg Hunt Parents!

Weekend in Tampa and Site Re-Design

This weekend was a fun filled weekend in Tampa.  This is my first time ever going to the Tampa area and I must say, I’m not impressed at all.  Especially where I stayed, near the airport.  Very ugly, nothing to do, nowhere to go and the roads were very confusing.  On Saturday I went to Busch Gardens, and it is usually an ordeal trying to get into the park with my diabetes bag and all of the goodies inside of it.  Either, this security guard didn’t care or Busch Gardens in general did not care.  My bag included about 4 infusion sets, 2 reservoirs and a vial of insulin, extra strips, a meter, my infusion set injector, candy (Skittles and Sour Patch Kids of course), and a few other odds and ends.  When I walked up to the bag check counter, he opened it up, looked for 2 seconds and said, ok your good.  Well that was easy.

Sunday, we went to Bradenton beach area for a little before driving back home.

Last night was packed with sports, the Eagles and Phillies were on at the same time.  On top of that, the Panthers had their first game of the season, so I DVR’d that because I only have two tv’s in my living room.

The Life of a Diabetic - Diabetes BlogWell, this week my website might be up and down due to a re-design.  you will see some new colors and new logo.  Please take a look at the new logo below and much thanks and appreciate to Sarah from Sugabetic for this total concept and design.  I tweeted this the other day, but she is freaking awesome with Photoshop.

Well, I hope everybody has a good Monday and a great week.

The Life of a Diabetic Weekend Recap # 6

It’s Monday and that means another recap of The Life of a Diabetic. I have not been posting very often, and it is mainly because of my new job and other things going on.  I have been extremely busy, but that is no excuse because I know all of you are busy also and that doesn’t stop you all from posting.  I have made a dedication to myself that I will continue to post on a daily basis.  Anyway, here is my exciting weekend.

Friday after work, we had a company happy hour in north Miami, so I headed down there for a little bit.  It was really fun, because I was able to talk to people that I haven’t had a chance to speak to often at the office.  The Eagles were playing at 8 on Friday so I stayed a little later in order to watch some of the game.  After that, I did nothing at all and it was very relaxing.

Saturday I had planned to go to the farmer’s marketing and Bass Pro Shop.  I headed down to a Penn-Dutch farmers market and bought a lot of veggies and the meats there were very cheap so I stocked up.  I just bought a new car two weeks ago, so I am on a very strict budget right now and I plan on cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for 30 days straight.  It is going to be tough, but it is my goal and I am going to do anything I can to accomplish that.  After the farmer’s market, I had to swing by Bass Pro Shop to pick up some new fishing line and some hooks and lures.  I ended the afternoon with some laundry and a movie at night.  I watched “The Crazies” and it was surpisingly good.  I didn’t expect it to be very good, but it scared the hell out of me for sure.

Sunday was even more lazy than the other days.  I didn’t wake up until about 12, which felt so damn good because I never get to sleep in.  By the time I actually got out of bed it was around 2:30.  I finished up some laundry and ate some leftovers for lunch and dinner and then that was it.

My weekend was very relaxing and I hadn’t had one like that for a really long time, so I enjoyed it a lot.

Have a great week everybody.

Weekend Recap – Few Too Many High BG’s

Good morning and happy Monday to everybody.  I hope you all had a good weekend.  I know I sure did.  I did that thing called relaxing.  Friday night Amanda and I went to Outback for dinner because I had a free blooming onion coupon, so seriously, who can pass that up?  Over the last 6 months Outback has become my favorite restaurant because of two meals that I get every other time I go, and they are amazing.  Ok, not too much about them, but I do love them.  Unfortunately, my blood sugar did not like them very much because my bg went as high as 435.  I took out my site and could tell that there was something wrong, it was very irritated.  After I put in a new site, my bg went down to a manageable 205 before I went to bed.

Saturday when I woke up, which wasn’t until 1:00 pm, I went and laid on the couch.  I have not slept in that late since I was in high school.  It felt so good to sleep that late and then wake up and do nothing.  If I ever sleep past 9 a.m. I freak out and feel like I already wasted half of my day.  I even took the time to sit on my couch and catch up on some reading.  I decided that I wanted to read some fiction and get my mind off of business and reading about what I do everyday.  I am a huge fan of the James Patterson books about detective Alex Cross.  I am reading the one called Cross, which I strongly believe I have read before, but about 3 years ago so I’m not sure how it ends, ha.  My bg’s all day were pretty good.  Even with eating Arby’s and having a few Heineken Lite’s for the UFC fight.

On Sunday I felt like I was a father even though I’m not.  I laid on my couch, drank a beer and watched golf.  Life can’t get much better than that for me.  The highest my bg went yesterday was about 225, which isn’t bad for the way my bg’s have been going.  The only other thing that I did, which I do every Sunday night is begin to plan out all my work for the week.  Well, not really plan it, but just brainstorm and write down every little thing that comes into my head, and then I try to make sense of it Monday morning.

Life of a Diabetic Weekend Recap Vol 4

Man did this weekend fly by or what!  I don’t think that I got a single thing accomplished at all.  Friday started out with some high blood sugars during the day and some stress.  That’s why there was no Fired Up Friday last week.  I test drove a Ford Edge on Thursday night and fell in love with it.  I have wanted one of those cars for a long time and finally found the perfect one I was looking for.  It didn’t go so well on Friday when I tried to get the financing for it.  Since I have had a credit score, I guess dating back 7-8 years ago, I have had almost perfect credit, about 730 score ( I don’t mind sharing it when it was that high, ha).  Unfortunately, back in November when I lost my job, my credit score took a little dip.  So, ultimately, I was not able to get the financing needed for the car.

That was very stressful, so my blood sugar spiked like crazy.  I finally got it back under control around 5 o’clock or so when Amanda and I headed out for dinner and to a different casino then last week.  I had a turkey club with some coleslaw and my sugars went high by the end of the night again.  I’m not sure what caused the spike, maybe my diabetes?  I won money at the casino, so that was good.  And if you have been reading my last few weekend recaps, I’m not addicted to gambling, I’ve just been feeling lucky.

Saturday morning was just lying around doing nothing.  My girlfriend’s older brother and I played a little wiffle ball golf in the morning.  Basically we took a basketball and just threw it in the air and wherever it landed, that was the whole and first one to hit their wiffle golf ball into the basketball one the hole.  We played 9-holes and unfortunately, I pulled a Phil Mickelson and choked on the last hole.  We all then went down to the Panthers game last night against the Buffalo Sabres.  Now, let me just say this, if you are from Buffalo, oh well.  I come from Philadelphia, so I know all about being an obnoxious fan, Philly fans are the best in the world, HOWEVER, Buffalo Sabre fans are just annoying!  I can’t stand people that have an excuse for everything, like the refs made that call to keep the game close, that was a lucky shot, but when you’re team scores it was an amazing shot and when the other team gets a penalty it was a great call.  Just shut up ok?

Moving on.  Sunday was another Panthers game, back to backs are rough.  I also wanted to watch the race and some of the Michigan St basketball game as well.  I had so much laundry to do and work to catch up on as well from the weekend and not doing anything.  Sunday is usually my planning day.  I get out my calendar and pen and start outlining the whole week.  Client projects, blog ideas for a few of the blogs I write, to dos, etc.

Well, happy Monday to everybody and have a great day.

The Life of a Diabetic Weekend Recap Vol 3

Another Monday, another weekend recap. Not too much to recap today though, not a very eventful weekend.  I’m starting to like these weekends where I don’t really do anything.  Friday night after I finished up on a few client’s sites, I decided that I wanted to go to the casino again, but this time we went to a different one, (we have 3 nearby).  What a lucky night to hit the casino!  Amanda said that she wasn’t feeling lucky that day, so she didn’t really want to go, but of course I convinced her to go, good thing I did.

Once we got there, we split up like we do for a while so she can play the machine that she likes and I can play the ones that I like.  After I lost some money, I went over to find her and she was up almost $200!  I walked away because I didn’t want to bring any bad luck.  Later that night, we were going to play just $20 more, that’s it, then we were leaving.  Down to $11 I hit a big win, $350.  It sounds good to win $350, but I was actually quite upset because I was one wild away from winning $2,500!  There was 15 spots on the screen and 14 had wilds, I was quite upset that I didn’t get the last one, but beggars can’t be choosers right?  I guess it’s like having an A1C below 7, but wanting it lower, I’ll take it, but would like better.

I did have a really high blood sugar on Friday, for a while too.  I had a bad site in the morning, because I was at 378 or so, I don’t remember exactly.  I went home and changed my site, but 2 hours later I was at the same exact number!  So, I had to change my site again, which irritated me because I only have like 3 sets left and my new supply order doesn’t come in for another week or so.

Saturday came and went by pretty fast.  During the afternoon I went to the big parade in downtown Delray Beach.  I absolutely HATE parades.  They are fine for kids or if you have kids, but when you’re 25 years old, and there are huge St. Patty’s Day parties going on, a parade just isn’t my choice for fun.  But, my girlfriend enjoys the parades, so guess where I was at?  Saturday night I laid around the house and watched some tv and did some more work.  I’m doing a full re-design on my company website, CSI Marketing Solutions, and it’s not quite done, so I am trying to finish it up as soon as possible, but with a lot of client work taking up my time, I’d rather spend my time doing that.

Sunday was yet another beautiful day in south Florida.  It started out with a nice morning walk to Dunkin Donuts, which is about 0.5 miles from the house, so a quick mile walk to start the morning off.  I hate sitting inside doing work when it is so beautiful out.  Amanda and I went to Barnes and Noble to sit outside, but we ended up sitting out by Whole Foods because we wanted to grab some lunch.  Let me explain this lunch that I had, and by the end of this, you will know why I can’t stand Whole Foods, hate the idea of the place, hate everything about it.  I went to the $7.99/lb salad bar.  I didn’t even make a large salad or put many fixings in it, but yet my salad, let me repeat, a SALAD, cost me $17.95!  You wouldn’t even pay that much for a salad at a five-star restaurant.  This is why I vowed several years ago to never step foot in a Whole Foods store ever again, unfortunately I did, but that will be the last.

This week is going to be pretty intense.  I have several projects that all have deadlines at the end of this week, gotta love those deadlines.  To add on to that, there is 3-4 Panthers games at home this week, so I will be attending all of them.  I don’t have any doctors appointments this week, but I will be placing an order to get more testing strips.  Can’t wait to spend that money!

Well have a great Monday and a great week.  Do something today to improve your life and somebody else’s life, and then try it again the next day.

Overall, not a bad weekend for my blood sugars.  Averaged probably around 160 for the weekend, which is better than what my last 3-4 months have bee, so I’ll take it.  Slowly improving.

The Life of a Diabetic Weekend Recap Vol 2

This weekend really turned into a busy one.  I had hoped that I would be able to relax a little bit, but that did not happen.  Friday started out with the Fired Up Friday post about the cost of diabetes testing strips.  That sparked a great conversation on Twitter with Allison from Lemonade Life.  This is exactly why I write those posts on Friday because I want to hear other people’s feedback, because just because I feel a certain way about something now, I may not have all the appropriate information I need to have that feeling.  In this situation, I took one road; the direct no beat around the bush approach instead of the nice friendly approach.  I did not attend the Roche meeting last year, but I do know what happened there, and I think the reason it happened the way it did was because nobody on the manufacturer side wants to discuss it or talk about it in an open forum.  Enough on that for now, you will hear more about it later as there has been a local advocacy program here that will be trying to grow soon in regards to that situation.

Friday night was spent working on a client project, all night.  When I say all night I mean from 5:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. pretty much non-stop.  I took one 20 minute break to eat and that was about it.  I’m not complaining about it trust me.  I love what I do for a living and wouldn’t choose anything else to do.  I learn, have fun, and get paid, how much better is that?  I wanted to stay up late Friday to get all the work done so I could relax the rest of the weekend.  Well, that didn’t happen.

On Saturday, it was shopping day with Amanda.  I really don’t mind these shopping days because it’s pretty much a given that if I take her shopping, then I get to eat mall food court Chinese food which is probably the greatest food in the world.  We were on somewhat of a time limit, which she hates when we go shopping.  We both had to work at 6:00 at a fitness center.  Quick side note.  Since I coached football in the summer, I’ve been asked to help out at a fitness center to help with kids birthday parties and play different sports with them and keep them having fun.  So, Amanda and I worked the party together, first time I ever worked with her before, so it was a little awkward at first.  She is a teacher now, well substitute since she just graduated recently, but she will probably be “working” for me soon as I will be hiring an assistant, but once again, another post about that another day.

So Saturday night after I got home from working, I was so exhausted, it was about 11:30 p.m.  I did a little more work until my body pretty much just shut down on me.  While working, I didn’t test my sugar at all.  I tested in the car before I went in and it was 185, but I left the meter in the car.  I felt fine throughout the whole thing and I knew that my sugar wouldn’t be going up because I was playing basketball and running around and sweating.  I didn’t really drink any water the whole night either, so I was feeling thirsty, but I knew it wasn’t from a high blood sugar.

Sunday was a long day of hockey and doing work.  My blood sugars were good pretty much all day.  Well, when I say good, I don’t mean good as related to how they have been lately.  So, the levels were about 160-170.  I can’t believe that is already March.  Today starts my free membership at LA Fitness, so I will let you all know how that goes.

Time to get working on some more fun stuff.  Have a great day everybody.