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Replacing Coffee with La Croix

If you know anything about me, you know that I love coffee. I love coffee too much. I’ll drink it from McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or my favorite, local coffee shops, especially a cold brew. I used to drink a lot more coffee. Like, a lot more. But, my doctor scared me enough to realize that I was drinking too much coffee and I needed to cut back a bit.

I started to cut out my afternoon coffee, but I still needed the caffeine, so I was drinking a soda. The soda I was also trying to cut out because I was trying to lose weight. And I don’t care what studies say on either side of it, when I drink diet soda, it makes me gain weight, bottom line.

I needed an alternative.

I love water, and I drink a lot of water, but I needed something “special.”

Well, just as I was going through this time period of figuring out what I could substitute the afternoon soda with, I was walking through the grocery store and I saw it. There it was. On sale. BOGO. Buy One Get One Free.

[bctt tweet=”La Croix sparkling water has replaced my afternoon coffee and changed my life!” username=”@lifeofadiabetic”]

La Croix, Naturally Essenced Sparkling Water

I put it in the fridge and got it nice and cold and….. “EWWW” this stuff is disgusting. It was like I was expecting something super sweet like soda because it was carbonated, but it didn’t give me that flavor.

But then, I stuck with it. And now… you can’t separate me from my La Croix. I am now drinking 1-2 cans of La Croix everyday and I love the taste. I love the flavors that they offer.

And most importantly, it has replaced my afternoon soda, which replaced my afternoon coffee. I am not getting the caffeine that I needed, but giving myself the caffeine was just putting a band-aid on the wound, it wasn’t actually fixing the problem, which was, breaking the caffeine habit.


So, this is to you La Croix.

This Week’s Meal Plan

As you have read earlier, I’m on a long-term diet. More like a lifestyle change as opposed to diet, which we all know don’t last. In order for me to stick to this, I have to meal plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

So, here’s my meal plan:


Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch – salad with ground beef, onions, shredded cheese, balsamic vinegarette

Dinner – Chicken sausage, broccoli, assorted sautéed peppers and onions


Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch – salad with ground beef, onions, shredded cheese, balsamic vinegarette

Dinner – Lettuce wrap tacos, plantains, cauliflower rice


Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch – salad with grilled chicken, onions, shredded cheese, balsamic vinegarette

Dinner – Italian Baked Chicken, green beans, broccoli


Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch – salad with grilled chicken, onions, shredded cheese, balsamic vinegarette

Dinner – Chili


Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch – salad with grilled chicken, onions, shredded cheese, balsamic vinegarette

Dinner – Roasted Red Pepper Marinated Chicken, Spaghetti Squash, bruschetta

[bctt tweet=”Here’s my meal plan for the week including Italian baked chicken, chili and lettuce wrap tacos” username=”@lifeofadiabetic”]

Saturday – this is where all hell breaks loose. I lose control of my diet and my willpower. It’s primarily because I am not at home and I am on the go. Being on the go is what is just so tempting.

When I do eat out from now on, it’s salad. Or some grilled chicken with a side salad.

I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures of final meals on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there – @chrisstocker

I Need Your Help with Recipes

I need your help.

I’ve found plenty of recipes online for some healthy snacks and healthy ways to eat unhealthy foods, but a lot of the times, they end up being too complicated, don’t turn out right or they need these crazy herbs that cost $20 and I only use a small little pinch of it and then throw the rest away.

I am looking for a few good recipes for cauliflower. I tried making cauliflower rice a few weeks ago and it took about 30 minutes to prep and it turned out disgusting, I could barely eat it. However, I’ve bought steamable bags of cauliflower rice before and it was good, so I know that I like it.

I’m interested in trying cauliflower pizza, so if you have a home recipe or a link to one that you like, please share with me.

Here are some of my favorite foods and what I’ve done so far to try and eliminate the unhealthy side of it.

  • Tacos – I’ve gotten rid of the shells and use lettuce wraps to eat tacos. The issue is that I LOVE rice in my taco, so I need a healthy alternative.
  • Pizza – who doesn’t love pizz, but who can actually figure that stuff out when it comes to bolusing for it? I know I can’t. For that reason, I want a healthy alternative.
  • Dipping Sauces – anybody who knows me, knows I am a dipping sauce fanatic, especially from Chic-Fil-A. Unfortunately, this stuff is just filled with sugar and fat. Any healthy options to replicate these things?
  • Chinese Food – This is by far my guiltiest pleasure. When I get stressed, I want Chinese food. Does anybody have any healthier options that could replicate this?

Please share all of your healthy side dish options with me. I love to cook and I love losing weight and eating clean, healthy foods.

Thanks in advance.

50 Pound Weight Loss Goal

Back in February after a visit with my CDE, I went on a 30 day no carb diet and then started with a low carb diet after that.  Within the first week I lost nearly 10 pounds and after a month I was down 17. I ended up dropping a total of 23 pounds, but then we decided to sell our house and that whole process threw me off of the diet.

I ended up having to eat out because people were walking through my house during dinner time and we didn’t want the house to smell like food or do anything to turn a potential buyer off.

After selling our home, we went to visit family in Pennsylvania for nearly 2.5 months. As you can imagine, there was a lot of bad eating and not much dieting.

We have now been back in Florida for a week and I began my gym trips yesterday as well as diet. It is just about impossible for me to be on a zero carb diet, but I try to eliminate as many as I can. That means lots of chicken and lots of non-starchy veggies in my near future.

I have set a weight loss goal of 50 pounds.

I actually want to lose more, and think that I will, but I don’t want to set an initial goal that is too lofty that I never reach it. But I also didn’t want to set a goal that was so small and obtainable that it’s not much of an accomplishment.

Well, here’s to the start of another new journey in life

Losing Weight And Gaining Confidence

Since I started a diet that my doctor put me on, I have lost 10 pounds. That’s 10 pounds in less then a week. I know it won’t continue to be this easy but, I am ready to keep working to keep knocking more off.

So far, I have stuck to my diet every single day. I don’t think that I have stuck to a diet this long since I was in college and had to lose some weight for football. It is now becoming a bit harder because I am running out of options for side dishes. I have been eating broccoli and/or carrots every night. I need to find some additional side dishes that are creative, but still as carb free as possible.  Low carb, not carb free.

I am thinking about trying a cauliflower pizza, but I’ve never done anything that intense. Please share some recipes with me that are low in carbs and also low in fat, aka, not cheesy.

I am losing weight, but more importantly I am gaining confidence. I don’t mean confidence in the manner that I’m now walking around saying, “damn, I look good”, but the confidence in myself to stick to a diet and to stick with it. My wife is not on the same exact diet as me. She is eating the same foods as me, but she can have rice, or pasta, or some starchy side dish, but I cannot currently do that. I am also not eating a dessert, just a handful of mixed nuts, but my wife can enjoy whatever she wants.  I must say though, that I am proud of my wife also, because she is standing behind me in this diet and trying to eat just as I am.

The confidence that I am gaining is that I feel that I can look at the Girl Scout Cookies in the cabinet and look right past them. In the past, I would have just one, which seriously, has anyone ever had just ONE Girl Scout Cookie before.

I didn’t have much of a choice to go on this diet because I allowed my health to slip so damn far and I put myself in a position that I should have never allowed myself to get to.

This is for me, this is for my wife, my daughter, my friends and family. I want to be around a lot longer, so it’s time to start treating my body in a way that will help me get there.

If you are tempted to eat those Girl Scout Cookies, but you really don’t want to, reach out to me. Chat me up on Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat, and we can knock these pounds off together!

Endo Appointment Leads to New Diet and New Changes

I haven’t been to the endo in 7 months. I had 3 different appointments all get cancelled and rescheduled for multiple different reasons. I was flying back to south Florida from the north on Sunday and was hoping that the winter up there wasn’t going to delay me and make me cancel my appointment again on Monday. My endo office made it clear that I needed to be at this appointment or there would be no more prescriptions written, which is completely understandable in my eyes.

I got my blood work done up in PA while I was up there, but I wasn’t sure it was going to be completed in time for the appointment, but luckily it was.

But, just like I thought, the blood work was not good.

I was previously on a statin and something for my triglycerides because they were extremely high. I had ran out of refills and my primary doctor would not call in any refills, I had to set an appointment. Well, I should say, my FORMER primary doctor, because he no longer is because of that. Since I could not get refills (they were prescribed by PCP, not my endo), I stopped taking the pills. For this reason, I knew my cholesterol and triglycerides were going to be off the charts. And they were.

I also hit my highest weight I have ever reached. I’m actually quite embarrassed by it, and I don’t get embarrassed easily.

We had a very nice heart to heart conversation about your 30’s being different than your 20’s. I’m now married, with a kid, own a home, own a business and have a shit load of other stressful items, so life is a bit different.

We also talked about how my body is already at a disadvantage by having diabetes, so we have to try and level the playing field. Also, in order to get my labs back at a normal level, I really needed to make changes. I am now back on a generic Lipitor, triglyceride meds, blood pressure and Vitamin D. My pill collection is growing.

I used to be anti-medication because once you start, it’s tough to stop. But I am at a point in my life that I just want to be healthy, and if taking a pill is necessary to reach that goal, then so be it.

I also needed to lose weight. My insulin usage is out of control, my basals are so damn high, and I get it, as long as my levels are under control, it doesn’t matter how much insulin I use. However, I need to cut that back by cutting out my diet a bit.

new-dietSo, she put me on a diet that I have been doing for 2 days now and I feel confident in sticking to this diet. Basically, this is the diet:

Breakfast – 3 egg omelette. One day with cheese, the next day with ham. Alternating back and forth.

Lunch – As big of a salad as I want. Vinegar based dressing. No croutons

Dinner – 6 oz of meat ( 8 oz of fish). Non-starchy veggies.

Snacks – Mixed nuts. I have set aside a certain amount for the day and I have been eating it throughout the day.

So far, it has been great. My blood sugar levels have been nearly perfect (perfect to me).

I am excited to continue on with these changes and losing the weight and becoming a better person.

Follow me on Snapchat to follow my journey on this new diet and new changes. Just screenshot the image below and follow the steps:

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It Took Yardwork to Understand How Out of Shape I Am

I moved from a traffic filled, noisy, hustle and bustle city to out in the country with dirt roads and tractors about 6 months. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I was young. Living out here does however come with an acre of land and a lot of yard work to do. Once every two weeks I have to go around and pick up all of the palm fronds that have fell in the yard, along with the hundreds of pine cones that have fell from the 20 pine trees I have in my yard. I pick up the pine cones because I don’t want the tractor mower riding over them. What does this all have to do with diabetes?

Well, one day I decided to do the yard pickup, cut the grass, weed whack, and use the blower to blow leafs off of the roof, and about halfway through I had to sit down and relax and felt like my heart was about to pump out of my chest and I started to feel a little nauseous. I knew at that time that if I can’t even handle doing yard work, how am I supposed to live a long healthy life for my daughter? It took some yard work for me to realize how bad it has gotten. No exercising, no controlling what I eat, just put it on a plate, shoot up some insulin and go back out and eat more. Then as soon as I’m done, just sit on the couch and watch sports because I’m too tired from sitting in my office chair all day long.

Typing this out makes me understand how pathetic that sounds and how many excuses I have given over the years and that every day that goes by that I continue to give an excuse, is probably another day I’m losing out on in the end.

My problem is that I don’t have a gym anywhere near me (closest store is 20 minutes away). So, I need to do things on my own at home. I hate going for walks outside during the summer because it feels like 95 degrees even at 3 a.m. down here in south Florida. Wait, I feel like I’m making another excuse. I used to have an exercise bike, but I rode that till I broke it, literally. The batteries went dead and leaked and ruined the electrical so now there is only one level that works, and I don’t see the point in that.

My goal is to purchase an elliptical machine, which is exactly what I use when I do actually go to a gym. Only problem is that they are so damn expensive, but the investment in my health is well worth it.

My 30th Birthday Goal – 30 by 30 in 90

I have put on a lot of weight over the last 4-5 years. Like a lot of weight, nearly 60 pounds. I’ve come to the point that I’m just disgusting with myself half the time. I live in Florida and don’t go to the beach or pool because I can’t stand to take my shirt off. And no it has nothing to do with showing my infusion set. It took me a long time to admit that I am grossed out about my body when I look in the mirror.

I grew up an athlete, quarterback in college and was in great shape and fit body. My 30th birthday is approaching and one of my best friends from elementary school is getting married the day before my birthday, so I decided on a new goal.

30 by 30 in 90.

What does 30 by 30 in 90 mean? I’m going to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday in 90 days.

That comes out to about 2.5 pounds a week. That’s not really a lot for someone like me who is just so over weight and such an unhealthy eater.  I drink about a 2 litre of soda a day….and maybe a bottle of water a day. So, just by switching those two items around I can lose majority of this weight.

I am a late night worker, so I usually eat around 10-11 P.M. Eliminating that will also help me lose majority of this weight.

The goal is straight forward and the plan is simple.

It all comes down to the execution of the plan, but isn’t that what everything comes down to?

I will be sharing more frequent updates on Twitter.

30 Days and Counting

30 Days from today I will be marrying the love of my life. Before that day comes, there is a massive weight loss plan that I am looking to execute as close to the plan as I can. I have lost several pounds since I started at the gym two months ago, but nowhere near where I wanted to, so the next 30 days are going to be intense.

I wanted to be 30 pounds lighter, but 30 pounds in 30 days is not going to happen. I’m sure I can buy one of those pills or those books that promise me that I can lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but I’m not sure if I will be alive on that 31st day.

This is going to be a stressful 30 days, so I’m sure the gym will be a relief from the days leading up to the wedding.

Joining a Gym for First Time

Joining a GymI have been using my “home gym” for a while now, but I get the feeling that there is only so much I can do here and only so much weight that I can lose.  Every time I watch the Biggest Loser, I think to myself, damn if I just had access to that kind of stuff, I could shed this weight with no problem.

So, that is exactly what I am going to do, join a gym.  Amanda and I are going today to join a local gym, after some detailed research.  I wanted to find something around $20/month, but around here, that doesn’t exist.  There is a $10/month gym, but it is about a 20-25 minute drive away with local traffic, and I know that I will not want to drive there every single day.  Plus with gas prices, it would be a lot more expensive than the $10. (more…)