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One of the perks (or downsides) of blogging is that PR pitches are always sent your way. A lot of the time, I just say no thanks to all the books and products that are emailed to me because I know that I’m not going to read them or use them. However, lately, I’ve decided to start saying yes. And what I’m going to do with all of those products is give them away.

So every Saturday at 9 a.m. The Life of a Diabetic Weekly Recap will be going out. Every Saturday there will be a new giveaway announced in the email. Each giveaway will have a different way to enter, but, the only way that you can win is by being subscribed to the newsletter. 

You can sign up here –

Welcome to the club.

Diabetes Spotlight – Melissa Benesch Discusses the DOC

Happy Friday to everybody.  This is week two of the new Diabetes Spotlight series, where I will be hosting guest posts or interviews of those that are advocating for diabetes either offline, or even online via social media, but without a blog.  Give them more than 140 characters.

Today’s spotlight is on Melissa Benesch, which many of you will already know her from Twitter @MelllBe.

I asked Melissa the question, “What has the DOC done or meant to you, in your first year of having diabetes?”

Please enjoy. (more…)