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ROI of Social Good in the Diabetes Industry

diabetesbluecircleThe other night during DSMA, there was a question posed that had to do with social good and the big players in the diabetes industry understanding the positives of social good.  I mentioned to Bennet  that the shift has began for companies to see the ROI of social good.  But what is the ROI?

This is something that I have written about before in a couple of my other blogs that I write, but I thought it was a good fit to write about here.

The ROI of social media in general has always been difficult to calculate, especially when it’s not defined at the very beginning what the goal is. Typically, the C-Suiters need to see numbers like this. I spent $10, we made $20 from that $10, that means we made a profit.  How can you tell exactly how much money you made by somebody building trust and a relationship with your company?  Trust me, I own a business, it’s difficult to see that connection.  However, a lot of businesses are able to see that connection, at least are starting to. (more…)

5th Annual Swing 4 Diabetes

swing-4-diabetesYou may recall my interview with Kendall Simmons from a couple of months ago.  In this interview he spoke about the Swing 4 Diabetes golf tournament.  The golf tournament is a large fundraiser for the needs of those living with diabetes.  The money from this year’s event will benefit the Diabetes and Nutrition Center of East Alabama Medical Center.

For more information please visit –

I am not able to attend this outing, but I love golf and I love helping those with diabetes and I know you all do. If you’re in the area, please contact them to find out what you can do to help. Volunteers are always needed for events like this.

Book Review – Kids First Diabetes Second

When I received an excerpt copy of Kids First, Diabetes Second, the very first thing that stood out to me was the cover. The cover includes art from Karen Graffeo that she created as part of Diabetes Art Day in 2011. This cover will grab your attention right away.

The book is broken down into very simple, easy to read chapters.

The first chapter introduces you to who Leighann is and gives a detailed description of Q’s diagnosis day. For those that have gone through a diagnosis, either your own or a family member or child, then you probably experienced many of the same feelings and emotions that are described in this book. I couldn’t help but think about some of the same thoughts and reactions to situations described in the book that I had felt on the day I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago. (more…)

Community of Diabetes

Community.  What does it mean to you?  If you all haven’t seen the video yet that has been quickly making it’s way around the intrawebs, then here’s a link to it, along with the full video at the end of the post.  The video explains itself, but let me give a quick explanation.  Somebody in the diabetes community had an issue with something.  Doing what any real community would do, people stepped up.  Would you expect anything different from somebody that created the You Can Do This Project?  Or awesome video editing from a person that puts her dedication to the diabetes community into the videos that she helps product? (more…)

Diabetes in Dunkin Donuts

About two years ago, I went into one of the Dunkin Donuts by my house and had a diabetes experience that sticks with me today.  *Side note, I say “one of” the Dunkin Donuts because in south Florida you cannot trip and fall without landing in a DD.  Anyway, when I went in there, my pump beeped so I pulled it out to hit the ACT button to get it to stop beeping.  The cashier said, “is that an insulin pump?”  I said, “sure is”.  We began to have a short conversation while I was waiting for my bagel.  Basically she told me that she was recently diagnosed with type 2 and that her doctor wants to put her on insulin, but she doesn’t want to give herself shots because she was too afraid.  I told her that she can’t be afraid and just have to conquer her fears to save her life.

I need more coffee
I need more coffee

Fast forward to today.  I have gone to that DD 100 times in the years since that occurrence happened, and I don’t think she remembered me.  Until we had another diabetes experience this morning.  I started to take my insulin while I was in line, trying to do that 15 minutes before meal time stuff.  Unfortunately, I got the annoying beep, not the ‘doot-do-doo’ beep that goes off when you have a low reservoir, but the loud, obnoxious no delivery beep.  So, I pulled the pump out to get the beeping to stop, and she noticed it again!  What are the chances of that?!?

Long story short, she has lost 20 pounds and doctor took her off insulin and she is now on a once a day pill and strict diet.  She quit smoking and hasn’t eaten fast food in over a year.  You don’t always get a lot of time to talk to cashiers at DD in the morning time, but when I do get a chance, this is what I love to hear.  Wish I could say the same to her, except I was ordering a large iced coffee, sausage and cheese english muffin, hash browns, and of course the Cupid Special heart shaped donut for Amanda.  At least I know she’s not part of the diabetes police.

Well, have a great Valentine’s Day.  Help boost the economy today!

Friends for Life 2012

This is going to be my second Friends for Life conference.  But, it is going to feel like the first.  The reason is because the first Friends for Life that I attended was about three years ago, but I had gone as a vendor.  I was able to attend a lot of different sessions and interact with a lot of other PWD’s anyway.  I was blown away by how amazing this event truly is.  So, now that I am going this year not as a vendor, but just someone with diabetes, I can’t wait.  I am also bringing my girlfriend Amanda.  This is going to be the first time that she is traveling with me for a diabetes related event.  She has gone to local JDRF walks and events, but never travelled to anything with this many people.  I am excited for her to meet all the wonderful people that I know and speak to, but also want her to talk to some of the spouses of PWD’s.

When I first heard about Children with Diabetes and Friends for Life I thought that it was a gathering for younger kids and more like a summer camp for kids.  After I attended and saw how many older people there were and how much interaction there was, it was amazing.  It’s also great to be there and try and talk to the young ones and let them know that they can’t be discouraged because they have diabetes, because they can still do things that they want to do.

So, this is me telling you, that you should attend Friends for Life.  I will mention one small negative about the event, is that it is during the July 4th holiday.  I typically do picnics and beach on July 4th, but this year I am going to celebrate it in Disney and see how that goes.  However, the first opening keynote is not until the morning of July 5th, so you can still be there for all of the sessions and be home for July 4th if that is a concern.

Please follow the links and get registered today! Children with Diabetes – Friends for Life 2012

Have a happy Blue Friday.





Dear Jay Cutler – Letter to Jay

Some of you have seen lately that I have been tweeting about Jay Cutler and my dream and goal of interviewing him.  So here is an open letter to Mr. Jay Cutler himself.

Dear Jay Cutler,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  It is not very often that somebody considers somebody else close to their own age a role model.  I can honestly say that I am one of those people.  I am truly inspired everyday by your actions of being an NFL quarterback with type 1 diabetes.  Why is this so inspirational to me?  Here’s a little background.

I played QB my entire life.  Had scholarship opportunities to Rutgers before a serious knee injury and ended up playing D-3 ball for a year.  During that year, towards the end of the season, I had began to feel extremely tired and drained of all energy.  I was also drinking a lot of water and gatorade and just didn’t have an appetite.  I started to see a big drop in the output I was getting on the field and in the gym.  Long story short, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few months later.

So, I understand playing QB with diabetes, but can’t understand doing it at such a high level of the NFL.  For the fact that I am a type 1 QB, and you are an NFL type 1 quarterback has intrigued me to have a goal of interviewing you since you were diagnosed.

I am a Jay Cutler fan, except when you play the Eagles because let’s face it, I’m from Philly and you know nothing comes between Philly and the Eagles.  I believe that the media judges and puts you out to be something you are not.

As “groupie” as this letter sounds, it is an honest letter coming from a guy who is inspired by your hard work ethic and what you do for the diabetes community.

So, I end this letter with, Jay Cutler, will you grant me an interview opportunity?

Thank you.

Chris Stocker

Medtronic Wins Another Customer Service Award

So a few months ago I wrote a post about Medtronic winning a customer service award from me because how well they handled my situation when my insulin pump was not working.  I was scared, clueless, and had no idea where to go to for help.  Medtronic was there to ship me a new pump the next day and I was ready to go.  And they even sent me a new Carelink, because I’m an idiot and threw mine away when I got a Mac because it didn’t work.

Anyway, I was trying to log into my Medtronic account online because I needed to re-order test my infusion sets and din’t feel like doing it on the phone because it takes too long.  Well, I couldn’t log in and I couldn’t reset my password because it kept saying that my username and e-mail did not match or exist.  I knew that was not the truth because I had my username saved.  I had to call in my order to Medtronic and it went pretty fast.  I told them about my username and password not working and not being able to reset it.  They put me on hold for like 10-15 minutes and I’m starting to think…ok, here we go, nothing is going to happen.  So I hung up.

About 30-45 minutes later I received an e-mail from Medtronic and I thought that it was going to be a default e-mail to follow up on the call or to give a status update of my order.  Nope, it was a personal e-mail from somebody in customer service to follow up with me on the online login issue.  I did what they told me to do and it still didn’t work, so I let her know.  She had the IT department do some sort of reset on my account and told me to log in with a temporary password.  So I did, and it worked.  The customer service experience was not over yet.

I was waiting on my doctor to fax a prescription in for my order to be shipped, so the customer service agent who was e-mailing me  back and forth faxed another request to my doctor.  This happened on Friday, so I e-mailed today to follow up with her and see what the status of the order was.  She said that they got a prescription, but it wasn’t enough for what I had ordered, so she said that they could only ship what the prescription said.  That was fine with me.

So, after this experience, Medtronic has officially won me back over.  This is two times in a row that they gave me the best customer experience that I can ask for.  This is a diabetes company doing things right.

Where Are You Obama?

Today’s post is going to very short and simple.  Today, a letter to President Barack Obama was published asking him to take a leading role in the UN NCD Summit in September of 2011.  This letter has over 80 signatures from people all over the diabetes community.  Below is a link to the slideshare version of the letter for you to easily share.

I encourage you to do the following with this letter:

  1. Post it on Twitter and anytime you see somebody else post it, Retweet it.
  2. Post it on your Facebook account and ask others to share it
  3. Share it with colleagues
  4. Share it with friends and family
  5. Print it and mail a copy or two yourself if you want
  6. E-mail it to your local representative and ask for their help in moving it up the chain
  7. E-mail your state reps and do the same
  8. E-mail it to the Diabetes Caucus
  9. Once you reach this step, go back to Step 1

And here is the link:


How the International Diabetes Federation Gets It

Last month I wrote a follow up post to the Roche Social Media Summit about the International Diabetes Federation and how at that time I did not feel a deep connection with them and just didn’t know for sure if they got it.  Well guess what?  I stand here today to say…. they do.  And they get it pretty damn good.  I think that Isabella Patton has done an incredibly job taking what we told her to heart and really putting it to work.

I have had more communication with the IDF in the last month than I did the first 7 years of me having diabetes.  I have been able to work with them on the O is for Outrage campaign, use their resource to meet with local representatives and be involved in the planning process of some events.  This is what makes it so exciting to be a part of this.  A month ago I felt a disconnect, now I feel connected.  If this can be done with the IDF then it can be done with JDRF, ADA, DRI, local governments, HCP’s, etc.

I now want to work more with the IDF.  I want to be involved in all of their projects.  I want to fly across the world and spread the message of the IDF.  I really wanted to feel this way about the IDF, so thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to feel this way.

Finally, thank you for changing my mind about the IDF.