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Back on Novolog After a Rough Summer Without It

The summer of 2016 is one that was something that I would love to forget when it comes to my diabetes. I was using a temporary insurance and this temporary insurance did not have any prescription, well it did, but if you call getting your insulin at 10% off retail costs coverage, than ok.

I was using Novolin R during this 90-120 day period. I was using this because it was affordable, at only $24-$27 per vial at Walmart. This “insulin” was affordable but it did not work. No matter what I tried, I could not get my blood sugars to act anything like they do when I’m using Novolog.

I would take 30 minutes before eating and still shoot high. I’d not know that I was going to eat soon, so I’d end up taking the insulin over 5-10 minutes before hand and my sugar levels would sky rocket. I would take a large amount of insulin to correct a high and it would do nothing, so I’d take more, and then 6 hours later, in the middle of the night, I’d drop down low and need to correct with middle of the night Skittles and OJ.

September 1 started my new insurance that allowed me to pay $50 for my 3 month supply of Novolog.

I had a feeling that my A1C was going to be pretty bad (and no, I don’t care about my A1C). I was right, it was the highest that it has been since I was diagnosed 12 years ago.

I have also lost about 15 pounds since I returned back from my summer trip, so I know that’s going to continue to help with my insulin usage.¬†Which means better eating, more time at the gym, which both lead to lower glucose levels.