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Apple Working on a Top Secret Diabetes Project

So, apparently Apple has a secret team of engineers that are working on something diabetes related. I’ve seen it called a “diabetes treatment” as noted in this CNBC Article:

Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes

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What that treatment is seems to be a noninvasive continuous glucose monitor. If this would be built into an Apple Watch, then I guess I will be returning the one I just recently purchased to help me keep track of certain vitals and I will be scooping this new one up whenever it comes out.

This also seems to be the next great fight between tech monsters Apple and Google. Google has been working on the contact lenses for a while now and I still don’t know how those would work. Imagine the FDA approval process on those to be able to dose insulin…. take a number and sit down next to Beetlejuice.

I’ve expressed on my site in the past how I’ve gone from hating everything that Apple stood for and people who used Apple to being an “Apple Fan Boy” and only using Apple products (iMac, 3 iPads, iPhone 7Plus, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, Apple TV), so to say that I’ve been hoping and wishing for an Apple product to use to help me with this disease would be an understatement.

I’ve been waiting for the day to be able to open up an app on my phone or watch and see everything that I need at that point to make a decision and then bolus from there.

So, here’s to you Apple, doing what you do best. But, can we get back to the innovation days of when Mr. Jobs was there? Please

One thought to “Apple Working on a Top Secret Diabetes Project”

  1. LOL, I am all for any new way to get blood sugar data. Especially if it does not involve pricking my finger. So I am hopeful but like so many of these, I am not holding my breath. I pray I can avoid putting something in my eye, ala Google.

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