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Almost Had My Cobra Coverage Cancelled

Phew!!  That was a close one.  My Cobra insurance was almost cancelled!  How much of a hellish experience would that have been if it did happen.  Here is the story.  I normally pay my Cobra insurance a month in advance.  So in April, I send a check for May, etc.  For some odd reason, I didn’t send a check in March to pay for April, so when I sent a check in April, it was paying for that month, not paying for May.  The other day I received my invoice and it said that I owed for May and I had to pay before May 31 or my coverage is cancelled, and they are not flexible with their payment dates AT ALL!.  So it was May 31 and the post offices are closed so I am freaking out.  Finally, I was able to speak to them on Tuesday, June 1 and they said that since May 31 was a holiday, they will accept the payment as long as it is postmarked on or before June 1.

Well, I never drove faster to the post office in my life!  I did not take any chances and had it overnighted.  I took the extra charges to overnight it because I wasn’t 100% sure if it went regular mail that it would be post-marked by that day.  If it was sent overnight, I knew it would be post-marked.

I plan on calling later today to find out if they received the check and if everything is good to go with it.

What a close one.