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Aetna RX Home Delivery Major Failure!

My test strips woes of the last month or so have been well documented between my blog and Twitter.  The CVS fiasco being the worst part of it.  The chapter has ended, but it seems that the book is continuing.  Let me explain.

I contacted Aetna RX Home Delivery because I have to use them because of the insurance that I have.  I contacted them on Tuesday April 13 and gave them my credit card number to ship my testing strips.  I explained that I would need them by Friday, so I will pay the additional $20 to ship them overnight to me.  I hear nothing on Wednesday, nothing on Thursday and nothing on Friday.  I called them back and asked if the supplies had shipped yet, and they said no, the order hasn’t even processed.  Well that right now makes me feel good that I needed them rushed and 3 days later the order hasn’t processed.

Since I was leaving to go up north, I had the address changed to my PA address.  Well Thursday of the next week, after I came home from New York, my strips still weren’t there so I called Aetna once again.  They proceeded to tell me that the strips were already delivered, to my Florida address.  By this time I am pissed because I explained that I needed them in PA.  The customer service rep agreed with me that it was Aetna’s fault because she saw the notes in the system.  I asked them to overnight the strips to me in PA and when I got to Florida I would send back the other box.  She said that I couldn’t return them and if they did reship them since it was their fault,  that I would still have to pay the copay of $90 for them.  That is when I lost it.  Why would I have to pay for a whole other shipment and not be able to return something because you made a mistake?  That makes no sense to me what so ever!

I didn’t hear anything back from them on Friday or Saturday, so I had to call them again this morning.  They still haven’t shipped out the re-order they said they were still reviewing the case.  I told them that there is no reason to review the case because I am no longer in PA, so that rush delivery is no longer needed, but I’m glad that my emergency means 4 days to them.  I finally received my strips, but I wanted my $20 refunded back for the overnight shipping because they shipped them to the wrong address and they just sat in my FL mailbox for a week, so why should I pay for overnight shipping?

I was told that customer service can’t do anything about it, but document it, and it is up to the reship department to make the decision on whether I will receive my $20 back for overnight shipping.  I don’t know what kind of investigation is needed, you charged me for something that you did not provide, so give me my damn money back!

Aetna RX Home Delivery, you have just made the list.  You can join CVS in customer service hell!

16 thoughts to “Aetna RX Home Delivery Major Failure!”

  1. Hi- I found your post by searching Aetna on twitter– something I think Aetna does themselves! I had posted on twitter about my inability to get coverage for a CGMS with their current policy (I’m also diabetic- type 1 for ten years). The company actually called me to see if there was anything they could do to help me out– I’m hoping they’re concerned enough about people tweeting negative things about their company that they will cover me for a CGMS!
    Hopefully they’ll get into touch with you, too– I’m sorry about their epic-strip-fail! What a nightmare!
    At least they’re trying to cover their ass… but I’d rather they just give us what we need without us having to blog and tweet complaints!
    Good luck.

  2. I’d be mad as heck on that one, too! When things along those lines of frustration have come up in my world before, I’ve had to go through layers of supervisors to finally get anything done. Eventually, someone higher up has had some sense of decency… Only once have I not won through the company or insurance ranks, and it was actually a coverage issue not related to billing that I appealed to the state insurance commissioner and got a judgement in my favor. So, there’s that. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for your post. I will be on medicare in July so will have to do the mail thing and now I will be watching for more of what happended to you. How awful for you.

  4. I have had similar problems with Aetna RX home delivery and may have a possible solution. I would prefer that you private message me on TuDiabetes

  5. I work in Aetna RX HD first of all I’m sorry. What I am saying right now I am not speaking on behalf of Aetna…I am speaking as an individual who has seen your situatuation time & time again. All I can suggest is call back to ARXHD & request the refund have them send a case to billing to review your situation it might take a while but they will review it. I think you deserve to have the $20 back at the very least. One thing though in defense of Aetna the reship policy is basically if you state that your order was shipped to the wrong address or was never received (same thing pretty much) you are charged an additional copay & a refill is taken from the script. You have to call back in 45 days from the original ship date to state you never received the original order & the copay will be refunded & the refill put back on the script. Its not the best policy but it is the policy. I’m not sure if that was told to you correctly or not but I wanted to make you aware. I hope that things turn around for you there are some actually awesome people who work in ARXHD customer service I being one (lol). I wish you nothing but the best thanks for posting this though I will share it with my co-workers in hopes of improving our performance.

  6. Guess I’ll leave my two cents worth since I’m pretty hot about having to get all my medication through them! I think that’s what makes me maddest, that I’m FORCED to used to mail order or they charge me double the costs when I use my local pharmacy. I wouldn’t mind the inconvenience, but I never get my medicine back before I run out. Interesting that when I first started going through the mail, they could get my medicine back within 3 days (Florida to Tennessee) Now it’s no less than 9 days from the time they mail from Florida!!!!! And when I complain, they blame the postal service. I really don’t think so… I used to work for the post office, so I know better. It’s just not right that I pay premiums through my paycheck along with my employer, and then they get MORE money when I fill a perscription… the way, Aetna was number 1 last year for making the most profit!!!! Thanks for letting me vent. I hope to be able to change my insurance coverage this fall an stop this insanity!!!

  7. Have the SAME PROBLEMS with Aetna RX HOme delivery.. I am a Diabetic patient too. Mr Doctor Directly Faxes the scrips to the 800416-9263 Missouri Fax number and he faxed both my Insulin Request & my 1 Touch strip request. This was BEFORE Thanks giving.. here it is December 21 , I got my Insulin last Friday the 17th after a notice on the website it was shipped December 3rd.. Yet it takes 2 weeks to ship it out. Then the One touch Strips GOT DELETED from their system & no one knows why I still can’t take my Sugar readings to determine how much INSULIN to take.. WTF ?!? This company screwed me over when I ordered test strips back in June 2010 too.. Same DELAY, DELAY DELAY.. The don’t seem to be able to want to send multiple prescriptions out on the SAME order. They only want to sent 1 Prescription out..why is this Rationing going on? I have to make 15 phone calls to get 3 Prescriptions every 90 days.. this is a SNAFU system.. it is getting as badd as MEDCO..

  8. I get so tired of the runaround. I ordered my regular prescription last week and included a note that one brand of the medication cases me some problems. They call to tell me that is the only brand they currently have and ask if I still want it. I said yes. I got an email very early this morning saying my order is pending which in Aetnaspeak means there is a problem. I call and they say everything is okay. I got a feeling they mixed up information from another prescription and call back to find out it is pending because Aetna insurance won’t authorize it until tomorrow. They tell me they will process it tomorrow. Tonight, 30 minutes after they close their phone lines I got an email saying the prescription was cancelled. I am a bit clueless. They cancelled it even before they were due to begin processing it. I guess I got complacent because last time the order arrived long before I expected it to. (There is a first time for everything. Usually it takes about three weeks or longer before I receive my medication, which I always have sent overnight delivery.)

  9. For years I have utilized the Aetna Rx Home Delivery online system. Now, some of my scripts and all of my wife’s scripts are not listed on drugs available for refill. The system has failed miserably and I cannot make any of the dopes anwering the phones…after a 15 minute wait…to help me. The Aetna is reinforcing the protests on the main streets of America. It is just such incompetence that will bring large corporations down. Too bad….

  10. Recently I have been enduring major problems with AetnaRX Home Delivery. They decided to cripple their online ordering system so that you are forced to call them up. I have had nothing but problems. They have lost my parent’s scripts that were faxed by the Dr – they tell me to call him up and have him fax it again. I call Aetna and they tell me that it takes a week to process a FAX request and that it will show up in their system. It is now 2 weeks later and they claim that they do not have it. I hate them all and I wish I could do something about it. They want people that depend on meds to suffer and die slowly while their board members reap the major profits made by everyone having to pay extra for services that must be rendered thanks to Aetna’s inability to get people their meds. So people try to use Aetna and since it takes so long to get their meds, people must resort to getting their meds in ways which cost us more and boosts Aetna’s profits by a large margin. Their system upgrade that they said would take 2 hours has been taking months. They must have hired stupid computer science reject interns to whip up a system at the same time taking down their mission critical production system – crippling everyone using their online ordering system. So I must call them many times a week, each time waiting for long periods of time to only NOT get any help. I HATE THEM!

  11. I think that i have talked to PEGGY from the credit card commericial. The language barrier is a problem.

  12. I have been an Aetna customer for years and have paid many THOUSANDS of dollars to them for coverage. I went down today to get my two blood pressure medications filled — a simple 30 day supply of each at my local pharmacy. I was told that one would be no problem, but the other is only available via Aetna RX Home Delivery. WTF?? I used to be able to get up to 30 days supply of maintenance medications like this, no problem, but now for Lisinopril HCTZ, NO amount can be gotten through a pharmacy. This medication is VERY common and cheap! I had to wait ages on the phone to get them to put in an override for me so I could get the dam*ed meds today at the pharmacy which was a massive hassle. I am CANCELLING MY POLICY with these clowns! To hell with Aetna! This policy is SO inconvenient and I am using my best weapon against them and their unfair, Stalinesque policies on filling in simple medications — and that best weapon is MY BUSINESS! I will NOT be treated as a number — at best!! Sayonara, Aetna. You suck!

  13. I have had nothing but delays,lies and frustration with Aetna.I had them when I worked and I recently retired and took them because it was easier.What a mistake.I am trying to get blood pressure med,one I’ve taken for over 8 yrs, and I am still in limbo. Four times my doctor has called and after each time they have a new issue.This is now 10 days and I still don’t have the med,I am almost out of it and they need my doctor to call yet again.They are quick to take your premiums and don’t give a god damn about you.Stayaway from Aetna.

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